‘Shaping Sculpture’
There have always been significant and continuous changes in the making processes surrounding sculpture, developments that react to and influence the technological and contextual evolution of the medium.  ‘Shaping Sculpture’ is a reaction to the need for a dedicated reaction to the medium and to defining contemporary and future artistic practice.
Throughout 2010 University of the Arts London is focusing attention on the practice of sculpture. ‘Shaping Sculpture’ aims to critically engage in the production and medium of sculpture as it exists today, through a series of publications, exhibitions, artist discussions, and conferences.

22nd International Sculpture Conference:
What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?
Taking place in London 7 – 9 April 2010. Call for papers surrounding a range of themes and important questions that explore and consider the potential of sculpture in the 21st century.

Individuals wishing to contribute panel abstract proposals for the 22nd International Sculpture Conference must submit a 200 word abstract for review by the Conference Advisory Committee. The abstract submission deadline is 4 June 2009.

For more information and for the abstract application form visit: International Sculpture Center – Conference

‘Shaping Sculpture’ is being directed by George Unsworth and coordinated by Kate Sedwell (CCW Project Assistant). For more information on any Shaping Sculpture activities including the ISC conference please email: