The first blockbuster film of 2011 is without doubt The King’s Speech, but will it be the crown jewel in this year’s Oscars?  The Brit flick sees Colin Firth take on the role of Prince Albert, Duke of York, portraying the future King George VI in his bid to overcome his stutter. The film reveals Albert’s relationship with his unconventional speech therapist, Lionel Logue, whose unusual methods help the monarch as he prepares to for his first speech on the radio.

Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian reports “The King’s Speech proves there’s fizzing life in old-school British period dramas – it’s acted and directed with such sweep, verve, [and] darting lightness. George VI’s talking cure is gripping.” Anthony Quinn in The Independent pronounces it “well put together and beautifully played by its leads”. Sukhdev Sandhu in The Telegraph describes “a thoroughly modern tale, the true-life story of a king’s efforts to overcome his stammer in order to face his public, constructed like a contemporary makeover narrative. ”

The Drama Centre trained actor won Best Actor at this Sunday’s Golden Globes, has been nominated for Best Actor at the BAFTAs and for the coveted Best Actor Oscar . The King’s Speech won the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival People’s Choice Award in September.

This week Colin has been further cementing his place in the Hollywood firmament, receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Read the full report in The Independent.

Colin Firth came to Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins in 2009 to speak to a packed hall of students about acting and his career.  He answered many questions with great honesty and warmth and has recently strengthened his ties to the college by becoming Honorary President of The Friends of Drama Centre.

“It is very exciting to see one of our alumni build an impressive body of work that is recognised by the most prestigious awards,” says Principal of the Drama Centre, Professor Vladimir Mirodan, “Colin was always a very dedicated and gifted student and everyone here will be rooting for him on the night.”