A piece by the UK’s most celebrated sculptor, Henry Moore, has retuned to its original home at Chelsea College of Art and Design;  Two Piece Reclining Figure No.1 was acquired by the College to mark Moore’s time as the institution’s first ever head of sculpture.

The 1959 bronze was moved to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for safekeeping during the College’s relocation to Millbank in 2005. The bronze is now back on display at Chelsea College of Art and Design, located in a specially landscaped public facing courtyard opposite Tate Britain.

Moore became head of Chelsea’s sculpture department in 1932, leading the school during its formative years. It was during this time that Moore moved away from direct carving and began casting in Bronze, depicting abstractions of the human figure destined to be displayed as public works of art.

Two piece reclining Figure No.1 is the latest Moore bronze to take up residence alongside the Thames. It joins Locking Piece in Riverwalk Gardens, Knife Edge Two Piece in Parliament Square and the Moore sculptures at Tate Britain to form a Henry Moore riverside walking route.