The final two graduation ceremonies yesterday celebrated the achievements of London College of Communication graduates and bestowed honours on leading names in media and audio-visual arts.

Publishing entrepreneur John Brown recalled that his time as a student at LCC taught him table tennis “and other skills that gave me an edge in the jobs market over friends who had done more academic degrees”.

Also honoured was BAFTA-winning sound recordist Chris Watson, who played a clip of a recording made from inside a dead zebra, commenting “there are much more interesting places to put microphones than in front of people’s mouths.”

Chris Watson

BBC News chief Helen Boaden, also a former student of the College, remembered that she “worked as a cleaner and lived on fresh air and crisps” during her time there. “Remain hardworking, creative and curious,” she advised the day’s graduates. “UAL has given you exceptionally strong foundations – build on them.”

Helen Boaden with Chancellor Kwame Kwei Armah and Rector Nigel Carrington

The final honorary award of the day went to Oscar-winning cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, who said: “What’s kept me alive in this business so far is the fact that I’ve kept my eyes open.

“Some people say the world is out there for the taking, but it’s not true; it’s for the giving.”

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Anthony Dod Mantle

John Brown