Little Mix on the X Factor dressed by Nikita Karizma

With 11 million viewers gripped to the screen, the X Factor finals were the season’s biggest TV event. This weekend recent LCF graduate Nikita Karizma was as excited about seeing Little Mix’s win as the band themselves, because this soon-to-be star designer had created the incredible outfits the girls wore for their winning performance.

Little Mix wear  Nikita Karizma for X Factor

Karizma was scouted by the X Factor costume team from her profile on University of the Arts London portfolio site Showtime. Since being selected to join the team she has been creating pieces for the X Factor finals under the guidance of Laury Smith.  Karizma’s highlights included creating a baby pink dress from her graduate collection for Amelia Lily, designing spiked shoulder pieces for Little Mix and producing 28 silver harnesses for dancers which were worn this Saturday.

Nikita Karizma

Speaking about her experience today, Karizma revealed:  “It was an absolute pleasure working with Laury Smith and the X Factor team.  We fitted Amelia’s dress onto her right before she walked onto the stage and watched her perform from her dressing room, a moment in time that a young designer will never forget.  Thank you so much for the support and I look forward to sharing many more fashion memories with you all.”

Amelia Lily wears  Nikita Karizma in X Factor

X Factor was Karizma’s first commission as a young designer; expect to see much more of her work on screen and in the fashion pages next season!

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