Dear colleagues

The 24 hour media is hungry for expert comment to bring their reporting to life, and working with the media to provide that comment is one of the key ways in which academics and universities raise the profile of what they do.

A recent example of a UAL academic doing just that is LCC’s Jo Hodges talking to the BBC about branding in the Mayoral election. Jo’s snappy and authoritative comments hugely improve the quality of the report and, crucially, also reinforce LCC’s reputation as a place where leaders in their field are working and teaching; a reputation that is vital to attracting students, industry partnerships and funding.

To capitalise on the benefits that working with the media bring, the University has launched a new searchable Guide to Experts to help journalists find expert comment throughout our Colleges, online at

The Guide is updated continually and we are always looking for new experts, so if you are interested in speaking to the media about your area of expertise, please fill in the form at:

You will not be called directly by the media and your contact details will never be given out without your permission, so you will always be able to decline a request to speak to the media if you are too busy or unsure that you want to talk about a particular topic.

If you want further information about the Guide or any other aspect of working with the media, please contact the Press Office.

Best wishes

Dee Searle
Director of Communication and External Affairs