Students at Chelsea have been using QR code technology and installation art to demonstrate the difficulty we face when deciding how to change our lifestyle to become greener. Called The Banana Theory, the project is a collaboration with students from UCL.

QR code installation at Chelsea Parade Ground

Until 27 May a two-part installation aimed at raising awareness of sustainability issues is open to the public on the Parade Ground.  The installation transforms the existing grass square into a twelve metre squared QR code made entirely of grass and soil.

The Banana Theory installation at Chelse

The second part of the project involves the placement of smaller QR code stickers around both campuses. When scanned with a smart phone, each code will take the user to information on the carbon footprint of that particular object on The Banana Theory website. Objects at Chelsea that are part of the installation include a sandwich, a coffee, cup, a bicycle and a bus stop.

The project aims to address concerns about the amount of information available to people about how to lead a greener life. The volume of information can become overwhelming and this can make decision-making even more difficult.  More information can be found on The Banana Theory website.