The next generation of photographers, filmmakers and sound artists will be exhibiting at the London College of Communication (LCC) from 28th May – 7th June. Original and thought-provoking work produced by more than 100 students from the College’s award-winning courses will illustrate why LCC has earned its worldwide reputation for media, design and communication.

The show will feature work from undergraduates from BA Photography, BA Photojournalism, BA Book Arts & Design, BA Film & Television and BA Sound Arts & Design. Show highlights include:

* Sodom and Gomorrah – Henry Nicholls (BA Photojournalism) photographs Agbogbloshie, a suburb located in Ghana’s capital, Accra, which has become a “digital dumping ground”. Over the last two decades this site has become an illegal dumping ground for the developed world’s discarded electronic waste, creating a thriving industry that is the cause of a host of environmental and health problems.

* MachineTommy Ting (BA Photography) explores the history of Chinese contract labour and the use of the racist word “Chink” in the cannery industry in Canada. Ting presents a sculpture of a machine dubbed the Iron Chink, a fish gutting device designed to replace Chinese labourers, and a series of photographs taken in a cannery in Canada.

* Too Much Time On Our Hands – through photography and video Julian Bonnin (BA Photography) considers the conflict in Palestine.  He focuses on the effects of the Segregation Wall built by the Israeli government and its impact on local people and their struggle to live a normal life.

* The Olympics is the focus of BA Photojournalist Sophie Cottrell’s work. Her photography depicts rowing and boxing, two sports in which the UK has always fared well, but where the social divide could not be bigger.

* The Next Best Thing to Loving You – Through a series of portraits Jeff Hahn (BA Photography) captures created moments and ‘real’ intimacy. He described his works as “a conglomeration of projected desires, bringing into question the idea of staged versus reality.”

Generators is the second show of LCC’s 2012 Summer Show season which sees four exhibitions curated around the central theme of the generation of ideas. The Summer Show identity has been created by Morag Myerscough of Studio Myerscough.

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