CCW Associate Lecturer Nick Fox has landed a solo show at Volta8, Basel’s cutting edge art fair for emerging art. With work ranging from drawing and painting to installation and intricate objets d’art, Nick draws inspiration from Victorian visual culture, particularly floriography. A Victorian method of communication in which flowers are used to send coded messages, floriography allowed people to express feelings which could not be spoken. His work will be exhibited in Basel between 11 and 16 June, more information can be found on the Volta8 website.

Metatopia by Nick Fox, 2009. Acrylic and ink on panel.

Winning the John Moores Painting Prize in 2010, Nick recently gifted his prizewinning painting Metatopia to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Metatopia uses layers of mirror-like polish to obscure the image below. At first appearing decorative, closer inspection of the painting reveals a world of hidden pleasure and taboo.