Art opera spectacular Moving Forest: AKA The Castle has descended on Chelsea Triangle Space and Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground.

Marco Donnarumma performing to a reading from Francesca da Rimini

Expanding the final 12 minutes of Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood (1957) into 12 hours of digitally connected, convention challenging performance was no easy task. Organising artist Shu Lea Cheang worked over four years to bring the show from its beginnings in Berlin to Chelsea. After an intensive period of online rehearsals, including with students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cheang said that finally “to be in this particular space is really just amazing”.

Dean of CCW Graduate School, Professor David Garcia, said the “wonderful craziness” was only possible owing to the hugely collaborative spirit with which the project was approached. The CCW Graduate School, performance artists, guerrilla programmers, and even University IT staff have made possible a cutting edge showcase of genre challenging art. Garcia stressed the importance placed in the CCW research culture on having an “institution that is porous, not like a silo, that allows this kind of work.”

Based on Kurosawa’s reworking of the final scenes of Macbeth, the digital forest is on the move. You can track its progress via the free Moving Forest XII apps for Android and iPhone available online.

Performances continue until 9pm Wednesday 4th and are followed by a programme of talks entitled CODA on July 5th. Full details of the event timetable can be found at:

Chelsea can be found just opposite Tate Britain: