Camberwell Open House


With Camberwell’s Private View only hours away, Nick Gorse the Dean of Camberwell College of Arts discusses his upcoming workshop at the Open House event, Art Education and how he foresees Camberwell interacting with the locality in the future.


Nick, could you explain the ‘Raku Firing’ workshop you are planning on doing at the Open House?

Raku is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, most often in the form of tea bowls. It is traditionally characterised by being hand shaped rather than thrown; fairly porous vessels, which result from low firing temperatures; glazes; and the removal of pieces from the Kiln while still glowing hot. In the traditional Japanese process, the fired raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air or in a container filled with combustible material.

For the Open House we want people to paint designs onto pre-prepared tiles and then we will fire/bake these tiles in the Raku kiln and can be taken home on the day

Do you think there is a need for traditional processes to be taught within art education?

We need to learn traditional processes in order to understand how we can experiment

How do you foresee Camberwell interacting with the locality in the future?

In many different ways, I would like to Camberwell College to work more closely with the local community and I want more people to come into the college and see what we do

Where do you see art education going?

Its extremely important the arts and design are part of our education they are a key part of learning and as just as important as the other humanities subjects

What do you see as the career paths within art education?

There are many career paths that our graduates move into. The key thing is that our graduates will normally have many different jobs at any one time

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