Artist and UAL Governor Grayson Perry gives this year’s annual Reith Lectures, broadcast over four weeks from Tuesday 15 October on Radio 4.

In his series of four lectures, Grayson, will explore the idea of quality and how we define the value of art. In an interview with the Guardian, he comments that people shouldn’t think they have to instantly appreciate art:

“That’s the mistake people make, that you’re going to walk into an art gallery and have a fantastic time the first time,” he says. “Same as a lot of culture – classical music, ballet, literature – you’ve got to work at it a bit. Get used to the language and the conventions and history. I’ve been looking at art all my life and there are still artists I don’t feel up to liking yet.”

Grayson opens UAL's new King's Cross campus in 2011

Grayson opens UAL’s new King’s Cross campus in 2011

Reith Lectures are given by leading figures of the day, and Grayson is following in auspicious footsteps, ranging from philosopher Bertrand Russell to Astronomer Royal Martin Rees.

“It’s quite a big undertaking, and as a Radio 4 fan I knew the import of it,” he says. “But I thought, ‘Yeah, I’ll have fun with that.’ I’m always open to any kind of establishment position because I think it’s an opportunity for some sort of mischief.”

Grayson gave his final Reith Lecture on Tuesday 5 November. You can listen again here for the next seven days.

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