Second Year Illustration Lizzie Heath reflects on her time as a student ambassador at this year’s Open House Event.

Open House 2014

What was your role at the event?

LH: Most of the day I was at Front of House, greeting the public, signing people up for workshops and giving directions. As well, I assisted Arunima with face painting – there were a lot of butterfly princesses and Spiderman that day I can tell you that!

Open House 2014


What was your favourite workshop?

LH: I always find stop-frame animation a brilliant workshop. The nature of making an animation (story boarding, model-making and shooting) is a long process. But I admire the straightforward approach the children and adults take to make their models and shoot their short animations in half an hour.

Open House 2014


Have you been to other Open Houses?

LH: Out of the 10 years it has been running, I have only been twice. Last year was similar but there wasn’t any balloons or a bubble machine! Although, this year was the 10th year anniversary so it’s understanding all the stops were pulled out.




How would you describe the event to your friends?

LH: An in house event which opens its doors to the public, welcoming them to experience the creative things that we do.




Open House 2014

Summarise Open House in one word?

LH: Fun !

Photography by Simonas Berukstis