To celebrate Camberwell College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show 2014 this week until the 23rd July, we’ve met with students and graduates to talk about their work and future plans.

MA Illustration Vyara Zlatilova designs and illustrates thought-provoking Mother’s Day cards with an anti-abuse message

vyara_Do you Love me mother

CCA: What has your experience at Camberwell been like?

Quite inspiring, I met so many amazing people. What’s most interesting is that each of my classmates has their own unique way of working and approaching a project.

CCA: What did you find was the most valuable technical skill you have learnt whilst studying at the college?

First of all, I developed my digital skills quite a lot during the past year. Basically, before the course, digital illustration was one of my main weaknesses, but since it is a really important part of the industry, I intentionally forced myself into improve in that direction. In doing so, I am really happy that I got a lot of support from my tutors, who encouraged me to push myself and develop my potential further.

Also, until recently, I wasn’t comfortable with using colour at all. My work before the course was mainly monochrome and I was terrified by the idea of mixing colour, because I simply couldn’t understand how it works. So, I am really amazed by how fast I managed to improve in this particular aspect of my work as well.


CCA: Please tell us about your degree show work?

Since I have a graphic design background, I decided to design and illustrate an advertising campaign against child abuse. Thus, my degree show work is a collection of Mother’s Day greeting cards, which, through provocative abuse related messages, are raising questions regarding the issue of abuse within the family.

I am really interested in the idea of changing the meaning of an image by adding text and subverting the message it communicates to the viewer. For me it was important to attract the audience to the project instead of repelling it by using disturbing images. Therefore, the artworks I produced are aiming to be as visually appealing as possible and to communicate the idea metaphorically rather than directly.


CCA: What are your plans after you graduate?

I am currently planning to go back to graphic design and hopefully pursue a graphic design/branding career. However, I would definitely try to develop my illustration style further because, in my opinion, the experience I now have as an illustrator gives me a new perspective into graphic design and could play a valuable role in my further development as a creative professional.

vyara_detail (2)

CCA: Any advice for future MA students?

Collaborate and apply for as many competitions, awards and contests as you can. One year is a really short period of time and sometimes it’s hard to balance university projects with outside-college activities, but, if you manage to do it, it can change your way of working drastically, so push yourselves to the limit and if you’re organized and motivated enough you’ll improve really fast.

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