Our solicitors have confirmed that a notice as set out below was delivered to those occupying the site this afternoon (April 9).

To: those occupying Central Saint Martins in protest against the University of the Arts London

Trespass on University premises

We have been instructed by the University of the Arts London in respect of trespass on University premises.

We are in the process of preparing legal proceedings against individuals and persons unknown.

Once issued, these proceedings will be served where possible on any person at the occupation site and where possible the papers will be served in person on any named individuals at their last known address. They will be notified also of any date which the Court gives for hearing of the University’s claim. That information will also be sent to the occupation site. A hearing may be very soon.

In order to be notified easily of any details of the hearing, or to be provided with other important information, you may send an email contact detail now to us at bridge@blmlaw.com and we will provide such information thereafter by email.

Yours faithfully,