Sooyoung Cho
Central Saint Martins, MA Design Studies, 2004

Sooyoung Cho 2

What inspired you to come and study in London?
When I was working as a PR assistant in a large corporation, there was a huge gap between ‘what the CEO is thinking’ and ‘what the tea-lady says about the company.’ Even board members were not aware that identity is a major resource for managing communication. This led me to challenge ‘how can we manage the corporate identity, ensuring all employees have the same message in their mind and that this message is delivered to external audiences more effectively?’ And I’ve found there are many design management courses in London.

What was the greatest thing you gained from your time at CSM?
1. Innovative thinking – our professor, Geoff Crook said that out-of-the-box-thinking and the “life is a journey” mind really inspired me in various ways.

2. The creative background of friends- our course, MA Design Studies (now Applied Imagination), had 50% marketing background and 50% design background. With a marketing career, I met good designer friends here and all of us had a big synergy! And I still work with my ex-classmates in a global network!

What advice would you give any students wanting to move to London from South Korea?
If you are going to be a person who creates a new way of thinking, new way of life, London is better choice than any other city, because London is in the very front line of emerging trends, branding, communications, art & design, business and journalism. The most important thing is that these things are not separate, but merged with creative ways!  As a CEO of The Bread and Butter, brand consulting agency, I come to London more than twice a year, to see the emerging trends, and whenever I come here, I get lot of business ideas, creative inspiration.

What was the best thing about living in London?
Many parks, branded supermarkets, innovative marketing activities, various art & design events and great food!

What have you been doing since graduation?
After graduation, I worked for Laura Ashley (work experience in Marketing team), and SS ROBIN, the world’s oldest steamship, as a brand PR manager. When I came back to South Korea, I worked for Harper’s BAZAAR/ Esquire magazine as a marketing manager, then for Marks & Spencer Korea. After that, I became a brand consultant in a BRAND IMAGE Desgrippes & Laga. In 2009, I established The Bread and Butter (, brand consulting agency, and we are now top class branding agency in South Korea.

Sooyoung Cho 1

What is your greatest achievement?
The Bread and Butter, our company! This July, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary!

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?
1) Food & beverage trends and its packaging design
2) FMG brand’s marketing activities and its communication messages

What do you most enjoy about living and working in Seoul?
Great food, shopping and good friends

You are President of our South Korean Alumni Association. What made you take on this exciting role?
I’ve made our UAL Korean Alumni’s concept [6 t a l e n t] : trendy+ authentic+ leading+ energetic+ notable+ true to life. We would like to show our big talent to Korean society, with 6 concepts, then we would like to share our talents with people who need our ideas.

How do you think our graduates will benefit from having access to such a strong alumni community?
1. Networking and good relationships
2. Finding many possibilities to work together
3. Gaining more confidence on what they have

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