As London Design Festival roars back into town with a staggering array of exhibitions, installations, talks and fairs, UAL’s community of design experts share their insights into the must-see events for London Design Festival 2015.

Alice Rawsthorn
Design critic and author of “Hello World: Where Design Meets Life, UAL honorary fellow
Max Lamb My Grandfathers Tree  Courtesy of Gallery FUMI

My Grandfather’s Tree: “Max Lamb’s “My Grandfather’s Tree” project at Somerset House sounds fascinating. Over several years, Max felled a sickly female ash tree on his grandfather’s farm in North Yorkshire helped by a friend Jon Turnbull. The tree was cut into 131 logs, from the top down, respecting the natural structure of the knots, branches and crotches. Max has since remade each log into a chair, stool and table, and young ashes are growing on the remains of the original tree.”
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Jonathan Barnbrook
Designer and UAL honorary doctor

LDF at the V&A: “There are very strong links between the V&A and the LDF, I know Victoria Broakes the curator at the V&A who is heavily involved and a great supporter of LDF (and whom I worked with on the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition). I particularly like this year the way in which the special projects LDF which have ‘infiltrated’ the V&A. Great to look out or discover by chance as you walk around the museum, most unexpected for me is Creative Cloud by mischer’traxler situated in the Norfolk House Music Room a brilliant poetic combination of the old and new.

Also I would also recommend the Robin Day installation, the industrial design he created shaped the environment of my youth. Not only are they great examples of well-considered, human, production lead design but also contain an interesting psychogeographic element having appeared in every school or TV programme in the 1970s.”
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Peter Saville
Graphic designer and UAL honorary doctor

Kvadrat: “I’m looking forward to seeing Raf’s new collection for Kvadrat.”
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Paul Goodwin
UAL Chair of Black Art and Design

You Know You Cannot See Yourself So Well as By ReflectionV and A Pavillion Olivier Bellflamme
Mexican Pavilion at the V&A: “You Know You Cannot See Yourself So Well As By Reflection: I’m looking forward to seeing this exciting architectural intervention in the John Madjeski garden at the V&A by the young Mexican architect Frida Escobedo. I’m very interested in how architects create interactive environments and spaces to encourage public interaction and common reflection about who were are as urban citizens and how we can live, work and play together in pubic spaces. This work reminds me of the brilliant outdoor installations and pavilions of visual artists such as Jeppe Hein or Dan Graham who work with expanded notions of art and architecture to open up new understandings and experiences of communal spaces.”
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Nick Bell
UAL Chair of Communication Design
The excessively long slow shoes

The Intelligent Optimist: “The dominant world-view we’ve known this last hundred years is in the advanced stages of decay and is being superseded by nimble new models. If you are curious as to the kinds of transformative design intelligence the future needs then don’t miss The Intelligent Optimist at Central Saint Martins. Look out for the ‘Social Agents’ and especially ‘The Fixers’ who don’t see the world as a set of problems but ‘as situations to make productive sense of.”
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Sir John Sorrell
UAL Chairman and London Design Festival Chairman
Marta Bordes Elastic Lights
UAL Now, designjunction and Odyssey Virtual Reality: “I highly recommend a visit to Design Junction and also a visit to the London Design Festival at Somerset House to have a ride with Odyssey Virtual Reality.”
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Ben Kelly
UAL Chair
What Is Luxury? and  50th Anniversary of the British Road Sign: “What is Luxury? at the V&A. This is an unusual take on the definition of luxury. Sir John Soane’s Museum – Space and Light. 50th Anniversary of the British Road Sign at The Design Museum. 100 leading British artists and designers have been asked to submit their own road sign design – to develop concepts that evolve from the current signs and develop ideas which makes us stop, look and think about design and our environment in a slightly different way; less instructions and more pause for thought. I am included in the 100 designers. Clearly, this is a must see exhibition!”

Vicky Fabbri
Barnaby Barford The Tower of Babel bone china building c Barnaby Barford courtesy V and A
Tower of Babel by Barnaby Barford, Tokyo Bike Tours and LDF x Mast Brothers chocolate collaboration: “Barnaby is an artist working within the medium of ceramics to cross into the design world. The Tower of Babel is 6m high and represents 1000s of real shops seen on London High streets, made from bone china in Stoke on Trent. It will be an awesome faciniating sight, and is already getting heaps of press. The bike tours are a great way to explore the London Design Festival, which are guided by design experts (in the past Max Fraser and Duncan Richie), whilst test riding the gorgeous Tokyo bikes. And chocolate… that’s just pretty cool!”
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