Suddenly find yourself at the Affordable Art Fair and don’t know where to start? UAL’s Made in Arts London coordinator, Rosa Harvest, shares her tips on ways to work it at the fair.

1. Do your research
Doing some research on what will be at the fair, and which artists you want to look out for, will mean that you’ll be less like to be overwhelmed on the day and better prepared to target the pieces you want. Check out to see the work we’ll be exhibiting at the fair.

Marta Barina - Untitled III

MiAL artist: Marta Barina

2. Know your budget
Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a piece of work can really help you narrow down your options. Everything at the Affordable Art Fair is under £5,000 so you’re safe in the knowledge that this fair is more affordable than other London Art Fairs. Made in Arts London’s (MiAL) pieces will range from £90 – £2,500.


3. Look for the little red dots!
At art fairs most galleries will mark work that has sold with little red dots. This gives you a great idea of which pieces are popular. You don’t have to follow the crowd, but it’ll certainly give you an idea for what’s hot! Last year, MiAL Artist Imogen Parry racked up a whopping 14 red dots on her piece ‘Bikini’!


4. Explore
There are over 100 galleries exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair, so there’s certainly plenty to explore. Do a lap of the entire fair to give you an idea of what kind of art strikes a chord with you. Don’t forget you can start and finish with MiAL’s exhibition ‘Perspectives’ which will be at the very front of the fair.

Olga Krasanova - Bad Hair Day

MiAL artist: Olga Krasanova

5. Meet the artists
If you’ve seen a piece you loved don’t be afraid to find out more about it. Loving a piece is one thing, but actually talking to the artist who created it – can take it to a whole new level. MiAL artists will be milling around our exhibition at the fair all weekend and will be on hand to talk about their work and the inspiration behind it.

Inga Loyeva - Nationalist

MiAL artist: Inga Loyeva

6. Love the brand
It’s often the case that if you like one piece of work from a gallery, you’ll like more! Be sure to take home information on the gallery you’ve bought from – that way you won’t be starting from scratch next time. Alternatively, sign up to their newsletter so you can keep up with their latest news on their artists and exhibitions. Sign up to MiAL’s mailing list here!

Victoria Batt - City in Pink Series

MiAL artist: Victoria Batt

7. Get Involved
Art should be fun. Don’t worry if you feel like a bit of an outsider, there are plenty of ways to get involved! MiAL will be holding several artist workshops during the fair where you’ll be able to road test some of the artist’s techniques for yourself. Keep an eye on the AAF website for more details.

Marta Barina - Untitled I

MiAL artist: Marta Barina

8. Enjoy yourself
Let loose and have fun! There is so much to see and do at the Affordable Art Fair from scoping art, chatting to artists, creating your own work or simply taking home that piece of stunning art for your home!

Monica Alcazar-Duarte - Family UFO

MiAL artist: Monica Alcazar Duarte

Made in Arts London will be exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair 16th – 19th June 2016. Tickets can be booked online now!