In academic year 2016-17, UAL fell below our usual standards in MA Dramatic Writing, a course taught at Central Saint Martins. We therefore reimbursed students on the course up to the full amount of their fee, acting promptly through our student complaints procedure. The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Since then, we have made major improvements to MA Dramatic Writing. We have recruited new staff, increased input from industry professionals, and provided extra-curricular opportunities for collaboration. We have every confidence in the changes and improvements that have been introduced for the new academic cycle in 2017-18.

UAL, along with most universities, has worked closely with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator to develop an accessible and effective student complaints procedure. Each case is assessed on its merits and in line with benchmarks used by the OIA. Fee reimbursement and other forms of compensation are paid if courses and university services fail to meet required standards. The overall size of payments made to students reflects UAL’s recognition that students invest heavily in their education.

Update: this post was amended on 12 January 2018 so that you can now download further information including committee minutes and responses to students.