01 May 2009

Latest advice and information from the Department of Health on Swine flu

It is understandable that at the present time there is anxiety among University students and staff regarding swine flu. The current advice from the Department of Health to public organizations is that we should be vigilant, but no additional precautions are required.

If you need to discuss any concerns please phone:

Ken Ewings, Head of Counselling, Health Advice and Disability on 020 7514 6257 / 6900, or email: k.ewings@arts.ac.uk

Eleanor Pirie, University Health and Safety Adviser on ext 020 7514 8397, or email: l.pirie@arts.ac.uk

If you feel unwell with flu like symptoms (fever + cough, sore throat, limb/joint pains, headache) AND have recently returned from Mexico or another affected area, or been with someone who has, then contact your GP or phone NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

Do not just go to your nearest hospital or GP surgery unless you are advised to do so or are seriously ill, because you might spread the illness. Phone first for guidance.

For more information about swine flu, including what you can do to reduce your risk go to: www.nhs.uk/conditions/pandemic-flu

To check the latest travel advice go to: www.fco.gov.uk

If you are not registered with a GP go to: www.ualhealth.com to see if you can register with UAL Health, our partnership GP practice for students living in most London boroughs. If you do not live in the areas covered by UAL Health find your nearest GP at: http://www.nhs.uk/servicedirectories

Message on behalf of Ken Ewings, Head of Counselling, Health Advice and Disability.