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Take part in a worldwide filmmaking project with CSM PhD Student



Iceberg Fernandez, a PhD student at Central Saint Martins is curating  NOW&HERE = EVERYWHERE is a Quantum Filmmaking project in which everyone internationally is invited to collaborate with the mobile phone in the co-creation of multi-screen video-collages re-creating simultaneous moments.

During the course of this project announcements are made with the date and time in which each moment is taking place.

To participate make a 30 second film with your mobile phone of the situation, a detail or the place you are at that precise date and time, and send it as soon as you can, along with the name of the city, by e-mail to:

If you prefer to send your videos via WhatsApp please add this number +447449494812 to your contact list, letting us you would like to participate. Your number will not be shared with third parties or used for commercial purposes outside of the project.

All the participants will be acknowledged in the website. Only the video-clips produced at the announced date and time will be considered.

By participating in the project you are confirming that you have all the rights to publish the videos and you are allowing us their exhibition.

This is a non-profit research art project based at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London).

MOMENT 9 is online NOW!! Thanks all the participating artists for sharing your art of the everyday life, it is being a real pleasure collaborating with you!! If you didnt have the chance to collaborate this time, the next moment will be held on: FRIDAY 15th AUGUST at 14:00pm BST (London Time) [Set your Alarms!] Spread the word, invite your friends….. the more we are, the greater the SURPRISE!!

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Central Saint Martins Opens Dialogue About New Proposed MBA Course

Over the past year, Central Saint Martins has been exploring whether to set up a new kind of MBA (Master of Business Administration) course.

This series of blog posts is where we start taking some of our thinking public and contribute to the important conversation about the role of creativity and design thinking in managing and organising, and in developing new responses to global challenges. At its core, this vision is about creating new opportunities, not problem-solving, by combining creativity with analysis. We’ve been inspired by many other initiatives around the world including:

  • The MBA Design Strategy at California College of the Arts
  • The at Stanford, which brings together students from different departments to work together on projects
  • CSM’s own MA Innovation Management which develops strategic collaborative practitioners who can identify, and develop, innovative business and public sector opportunities
  • Non-university learning and collaboration projects such as Makerversity, ImpactHub, THNK and KaosPilots
  • And many, many more

Over the past few months we’ve used several different methods to do research and synthesise our findings into a proposition, which we are now testing through an online survey with partners Shift Learning. The sorts of things we have done include:

  • Interviewing MBA and MA innovation management graduates from traditional business schools as well as the newer, hybrid courses
  • Interviewing employers and entrepreneurs about the knowledge and skills they think the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs need to develop
  • Reading research reports and hearing from MBA course directors about
  • Trends in management education
  • Exposing our emerging proposition to critical friends in Central Saint Martins’ partner network
  • Setting up an advisory board of leading practitioners and academics to guide and challenge our thinking

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting guest blogs by many of the people we’ve been in dialogue with as well by Central Saint Martins members of staff. We’ll share findings from our online survey testing our proposition. Central Saint Martins is taking this dialogue and this research seriously. The findings will shape the post-graduate course it develops. Get in touch to share your thoughts about what managers and entrepreneurs need to develop their skills and knowledge, and what Central Saint Martins should and should not do. We look forward to the conversation. Lucy Kimbell, academic lead, Central Saint Martins MBA @lixindex    

More information:
California College of the Arts Design MBA Programs
Stanford  Innovation Management
THNK School of Creative Leadership KaosPilots

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Book of 19th Century Fashions Gets a Makeover

The scrapbookFor her final project, Camberwell conservation student Corinne Henderson breathed new life into a scrapbook of 19th century fashion plates from our museum.

The book contains 191 plates taken from a variety of English and French publications, including Lady’s Magazine and La Belle Assemble. The images, which are predominantly hand-coloured engravings, depict society women’s dress from 1800 to 1890. They offer a fascinating insight into the contemporary culture.

Fashion plates were published in magazines from the late 18th century and throughout the 1900s, and were a popular way for people to stay up to date with the latest high-class fashions. They are rather specific, with titles including “morning dresses for July 1800” and “evening promenade dress in May 1809”.

Looking smart

Although it is not known when the book was compiled, it was probably created in the 20th Century as a source of reference and inspiration for costume students. The scrapbook is part of a small collection of two other books – one covering mostly male fashions, and the other accessories and ephemera.

The condition of the book prior to treatment was poor, but Corinne managed to get it into a fit state for handling, display and research. She worked with our Head of Museum, Judy Willcocks, to make sure she did so without damaging the scrapbook’s integrity.

Thanks to Corinne, the book is now fully functional as a scrapbook and available in the Museum for people who want to see it. You can read full details about the restoration process on her blog.

More information:
Corinne’s blog
Our Museum and Study Collection
Judy Willcocks profile

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Colouring Crayons Draw Community Together

With a little help from strangers, BA Culture, Criticism and Curation student Jemima Wilson turned her street in Stepney, East London, into a community art gallery.

Wilson posted a letter through the door of each house on her road, asking the inhabitants to draw a group portrait of themselves. Costs were minimal – she simply provided crayons and Blu Tack – but the rewards were huge. Within a week of making her request, Wilson saw 35 portraits pop up in neighbouring windows.

The enterprise, with its array of sketched families, smiling faces, scribbled messages and crayon cats, was featured in a Time Out article on “kind-hearted projects”. Talking about her idea, Wilson said: “It’s my response to living on a road where I still don’t know anyone. If I can’t change the world, perhaps I can change a street.”

More information:
BA Culture, Criticism and Curation
The Dear Neighbour project
Dear Neighbour in Time Out

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Ed Marler Joins Fashion East Lineup for SS15

Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013

Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013

BA Fashion graduate Ed Marler will make his London Fashion Week debut in the Fashion East catwalk show in September 2014.

Fashion East is a scheme that supports young designers by providing catwalk sponsorship, financial bursaries, Paris sales showroom support and ongoing business mentoring. Joining Marler for the group catwalk show will be Fashion East’s AW14 breakouts Helen Lawrence, who graduated from our MA Fashion course, and Louise Alsop.

Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013 Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013 Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013 Ed Marler CSM BA Graduate Collection 2013

Marler’s 2013 graduate collection The Trials of an Impossible Princess featured an opulent mish-mash of faux leopard, blue denim bell sleeves and a dress of knotted pink satin bandanas. Accessories included giant ‘MUM’ door knocker earrings and crowns moulded from furniture.

Rising star Marler has already made a name for himself, with fans ranging from M.I.A. to megastylist Katie Grand. Fashion East Founder and Director Lulu Kennedy MBE said: “Ed is great. I like his vision and how he puts things together so confidently. He’s a very fun new addition to our brilliant girls Louise Alsop and Helen Lawrence, who made strong debuts last season.”

More information:
BA Fashion
Fashion East

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Find New Ways to Play in Tuffnell Park

A playful new installation has arrived at in Tuffnell Park, London. The project was concieved and co-ordinated by Central Saint Martins graduates, with support from our widening participation team.

Until 27 July, The Homezone has taken up residence in Lupton Street, outside Eleanor Palmer School. The piece was conceived for Platzdeplay, an innovative collaborative project that works with groups of young people to examine the nature of play and public space.

As part of the project, there will also be urban interventions taking place in Saint-Erme and Stuttgart.

More information:
Find the installation on Google Maps
Widening participation

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Texprint Selects Six Central Saint Martins Winners

BA Textiles Texprint winners with Anne Smith.

Left to right: Anne Smith (Dean), Federica Tedeschi, Jessica Hymas, Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira, Kaila Cox, Georgia Fisher and Zana Ajvazi.

Six graduates from our BA Textile Design course have been selected by Texprint, a prestigious national Textile competition that takes place annually.

Winners Federica Tedeschi, Jessica Hymas, Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira, Kaila Cox , Georgia Fisher and Zana Ajvazi specialised in a range of disciplines during their time at Central Saint Martins, including weave, knit and print.

Each of the graduates will be given a stand at Indigo, which forms part of Parisian fashion trade fair Premier Vision. In addition to this, they will receive mentoring throughout their Texprint year.

Many of the successful Central Saint Martins graduates have been shortlisted for additional prizes. The awards will be announced at a ceremony in Paris on 17 September 2014.

More information:
BA Textile Design
Texprint 2014

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Students Design Jewellery for Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang designsKnitwear brand Wool and the Gang commissioned BA Textile Design students to design new jewellery pieces, drawing inspiration from its popular Sansa and Khaleesi lines.

Jade Harwood and Aurelie Popper, creative directors of Wool and the Gang, whittled the thirty submissions down to nine. The chosen designs are now available on the brand’s website, giving the successful students their first online commercial experience.

Popper said: “We’ve been struck by the designers’ perfection and the inventive use of colour and materials. We wish we could showcase them all. Our own story started from this very degree course at Central Saint Martins, so it felt natural to give back to the community that keeps nurturing cutting-edge design.”

For the collection, students’ inspirations ranged from the corals of British coast to the colourful pipes of the Pompidou museum. The jewellery pieces are available ready-made, or you can buy a ‘knit kit’ and make your own.

Textile student Hannah Farley said: “We loved the freedom of experimenting with a material we’ve never used before, and we adore The Gang. It’s so good to know that my stuff is going to be seen out there. You might see someone in the tube wearing it. How exciting is that?”

More information:
BA Textile Design
Wool and the Gang collection

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Graduate Wins Award with Exceptional Textiles

Jessica Leigh Calvert Jessica Leigh Calvert Jessica Leigh Calvert
BA Textile Design graduate Jessica Leigh Calvert has won the British Contract Furnishing Association Award at New Designers 2014.

Calvert is a specialist textile designer who creates hand-woven and digital fabrics for interior spaces. Her work often explores architectural landscapes, with an emphasis on a sensual colour palette, varied textures and exquisite craftsmanship.

The judging panel felt Calvert’s concept and colour was equally matched within an exceptional portfolio. They were impressed by the depth of her research, and the way she had turned her vision into a commercial product.

Calvert’s prize is a four-week internship at the FR ONE design studio in Antwerp. This will include a weekly allowance, accommodation, transport and flights.

More information:
BA Textile Design
British Contract Furnishing Award
Jessica Leigh Calvert

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Lens On Life Exhibition Opens in Rome

_AAB8459 copy
This week saw the opening of an exhibition curated by Marina Wallace, Director of the Artakt research centre at Central Saint Martins. Lens On Life brings together artists and scientists, including our very own Professor Rob Kesseler.

The exhibition showcases the scientific knowledge acquired during ‘MitoSys’, a five-year investigation into how genes and proteins orchestrate mitosis in human cells. Leading biologists, mathematicians, biochemists and biophysicists worked on the project.

Lens On Life offers a novel take on mitosis and human cell division through imaginative interpretation, using historical and contemporary references to bring the subject to life.

A documentary, Meeting of Minds, charts the ways that the artists and scientists established a common territory made of images and metaphors, developing an open and enduring dialogue. Watch the trailer below:

Lens On Life runs at the Federica Schiavo Gallery in Rome until 28 August 2014. The exhibition will then go on to visit London and Heidelberg in early 2015.

More information:
Marina Wallace
Rob Kesseler

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