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Student Tribes Stake Out Territories in the V&A

Shakespeare's Tribes

Twelve first-year students from BA Performance Design and Practice will be at the V&A Museum next Friday, performing as part of the Shakespeare’s Tribes event.

The Central Saint Martins students, along with those from London College of Fashion, Edinburgh College of Art and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, have created tribes defined by specific dress, behaviour and performance codes.

Different groups will claim ‘territories’ within the museum. The public will then be able to follow this living exhibition from space to space, seeing how the tribes interact with each other and their environment.

The event takes place on Friday 2 May, from 12-9pm. Our Central Saint Martins ‘tribe’ will be performing for five hours in the space adjacent to the new Shakespeare exhibition, which the V&A is holding to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Bard’s birth.

More information:
Shakespeare’s Tribes event
BA Performance Design and Practice

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New employment opportunities for graduating students

This summer graduating UAL students can apply for a 12 week internship to help launch their career in the creative and cultural sector.

The Graduate Internship Programme, which is run by Student Enterprise and Employability will give 20 UAL graduates employability training, mentorship and a structured learning experience to help bridge the gap between achieving their degree and launching their career.  As well as this the internships are paid at least the London Living Wage in line with SEE’s commitment to improving fair access to creative internships. The internships will be advertised on Creative Opportunities in late May and early June and will be open to all students who are completing their BA or FdA in 2014 and those who completed a post-graduate course between September 2013 and April 2014. Applicants will be asked to submit their CV and cover letter for the role they are interested in and there will be an interview for shortlisted candidates. The selected graduates will begin their internships in July and will have the opportunity to take part in employability training to help them make the most of their internship.

The funding for the Graduate Internship Programme is provided by ArtsTemps. This is a match-funding scheme with the interns’ wages split equally between the employer and UAL in order to encourage high quality, paid and fair internships within the creative industries.

“SEE is very pleased to be building on the success of last year’s Graduate Internship Programme pilot by this year expanding the project, and opportunities, for UAL graduates, whilst also deepening this key relationship with employers in the creative and cultural sector.  This is an important programme for SEE and UAL, in order that we are recognised as sector leaders in the promotion of good practice in valuable (and paid) mentoring opportunities and experience.” Stephen Beddoe, Director, Student Enterprise and Employability.

Wimbledon Fine Art students win in Converse Wall of Clash battles 2014

Inspired by Converse’s colourful Wall of Clash installation, teams of art student finalists were invited to compete in colour, and paint London for the #SneakersClash battles.

Taking over one of three sets of walls across London, was Wimbledon College of Arts, Second year, BA Fine Art: Painting students Jessica Bryant and Beth Field. They were given free reign to paint close to Archway tube station and won their battle.

Wall of Clash. 2014.

Wall of Clash. 2014.

The ‘walls of clash‘ were judged for their originality, execution and use of colour. Furthermore, just to keep standards high they were also marked on professional logistics including team work, communication and planning.

The winning design from the WCA students Jessica Bryant and Beth Field involved a minimal design of colour dots with a close attention to complementary colours and an invitation to interact. The phosphorescent thermochromatic dots adapt to their surroundings, with colours changing to the touch and phosphorescence glowing as night draws in.

Jessica Bryant & Beth Field. Wall of Clash, 2014

Jessica Bryant & Beth Field. Wall of Clash, 2014.

We asked Jessica Bryant about the teams Wall of Clash experience, and here’s what she had to say:

‘The weekend was fantastic, it was really bright and sunny and converse provided us with all the materials and equipment to make sure we had a fun and reasonably simple weekend! We came up with a design that would allow passers by to interact with the wall by using thermochromic paint… our idea was to make a really bright simple design that may brighten up the local passers by’s day, and also allow some interaction to diminish the passivity and segregation that can occur with some public/street art and its surrounding residents.’

Wall of Clash, 2014.

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Two Central Saint Martins Finalists for the Catlin Art Prize 2014

Saint Anthony by Lara Morrell

Saint Anthony by Lara Morrell

Our MA Fine Art alumni Sarah Fortais and Lara Morrell are among the recent graduates selected for this year’s Catlin award and exhibition. Fortais was previously nominated for the 2013 Nova Award, presented annually by Lowe and Partners to students graduating from Central Saint Martins.

Now in its eighth year, the Catlin Art Prize is a curated exhibition featuring artists selected from The Catlin Guide 2014. The other finalists are Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cath, Virgile Ittah, Neil Raitt, Dennis J. Reinmüller and Jakob Rowlinson.

Held around 12 months on from their final-year shows, the prize gives artists the opportunity to demonstrate progress made during the crucial first year after art school.

‘Sense of conviction’

Justin Hammond, Art Catlin curator, commented: “I’m inspired by the sense of conviction shared by this year’s shortlist. While there’s talk of a diminishing pool of talent in our art schools, this particular group have new and interesting things to say. They’re free of commercial constraints and deserving of this platform.”

A panel of judges will award one artist with a prize of £5,000 at a private ceremony on 14 May 2014. This year’s panel will include Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger. The public will also have their say, with the winner of the Visitor Vote awarded £2,000.

The Catlin Art Prize exhibition runs 2-24 May at the Londonewcastle Project Space in London.

More information:
MA Fine Art
Catlin Art Prize exhbition
Interview with Lara Morrell

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LCC’s MA Interaction Design Communication students join The Trumpet for social media modelling

Table Ben Stopher

Programme Director Ben Stopher and students map their social media habits

Students on London College of Communication’s MA Interaction Design Communication course recently took part in a social media modelling workshop run locally in Elephant & Castle by The Trumpet, specialists in crowd-powered change.

After taking over a unit in The Clarence Centre for Enterprise and Innovation, South Bank University’s business incubator and start-up hub, The Trumpet organised a series of community-focused events based around urban creativity. The first was Everybody Needs Somebody, run by designers and researchers Dr Kevin Walker and LCC alumnus John Fass.

Just as an architectural model shows the fine detail of a building development, a social network model shows how we are linked to the people closest to us. Participants in the workshop were invited to make tangible, physical objects out of everyday materials in order to build up a picture showing how people are connected to each other.

Each person was given a tile and was asked to stick coloured pins into it, connected to each other by coloured elastic, representing six people in their network. They then wrote short descriptions of how they knew each person. The finished artefacts externalised individual social networks, which can be difficult to see or understand as they are complex and change frequently, in a way that retained human values – and a sense of fun.

5Y1A3760-1    5Y1A3672-1   5Y1A3714-1    5Y1A3754-1

Read about MA Interaction Design Communication

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Pulse – Trade Show Professional Development Programme

In conjunction with our stand at Pulse London this year, SEE is running a series of free training events for people wanting to exhibit and sell at trade shows

Writing a Press Release for your Design Brand
6-7pm, Thursday 24 April
Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, UAL, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY
Book your place

Protecting & Licensing Your Designs
6-7pm, Tuesday 29 April
Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, UAL, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY
Book your place

Attracting and Selling to Trade Buyers
12pm-1.30pm, Friday 2 May
Room 313, UAL, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY
Book your place

MA Drawing exhibition ‘Just for the day’ responds to The National Gallery collection

MA Drawing students showcased their work at The National Gallery at a one off event ‘Just for the day’.

Working with Colin Wiggins, the Contemporary Curator at The National Gallery, students created new work in response to paintings from The National Gallery’s collection.

The show has been re-installed in the Foyer Gallery at Wimbledon College of Arts, running 3 April – 24 April 2014.


Gareth Morgan, ‘Missing Person’ 2014

Camille Pissarro's The Avenue, Sydenham (1871)

Camille Pissarro, ‘The Avenue, Sydenham’ 1871

An intriguing feature of Camille Pissarro’s ‘The Avenue, Sydenham’, is his removal of a figure from the foreground of his Impressionist painting of suburban London made in 1871. I have considered who the missing person might be, why they disappeared and what the scene might look like if they were returned to the south London street today, 143 years later. In my drawing the dangerous dog drags Pissarrio’s absentee in front of a van racing down a rat run as the oblivious driver chats away on their mobile phone. Doomed, she crosses from life to death. . .

Gareth Morgan.


Shaun Dolan, ‘Collaborative Drawing’ 2014

London National Gallery Next 20 12 Luca Giordano - Perseus turning Phineas to Stone

Luca Giordano, ‘Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to stone’ early 1680s

The painting ‘Perseus turning Phineas and his followers to stone’ by Luca Giordano, tells the story of Perseus and Andromeda’s wedding celebrations, which have been broken up by Pineas and his army. Phineas, a former suitor of Andromeda bursts in to attack his rival, however Peseus reveals the head of Medusa and turns them to stone.

I presented Giordano’s painting to a small group of children; discussing the story behind it and exploring in more detail the characters, background and overall impact of the painting.

‘Collaborative drawing’ is a digital print response put together from individual drawings by 10 different children. The children used permanent pen to create their own drawing as this eradicated the temptation for change or correction. The drawings were re-scaled and positioned to emulate Giordano’s painting narrative. Inverting the final composition accentuates the children’s powerful mark making whilst sectioning it into 9 panels offers further narrative possibilities.

Shaun Dolan.

Rosalind Barker, 'A Fine Line' 2014

Rosalind Barker, ‘A Fine Line’ 2014

Quinten Massay, 'An old Woman (The ugly Duchess), 1513

Quinten Massay, ‘An old Woman (The ugly Duchess), 1513

I was drawn to the beautifully exicuted tender mark making in oil on wood to replicate her tissue paper skin and each individual embroidery stitch in her hat. Her arthritic hands with bitten, dirty fingernails nails holding a tiny rosebud fascinated me.

The breadth of tricks and illusions employed by artists to direct the viewers eye around the painting surprised me, particularly in their use of hands.

My aim in ‘A Fine Line’ was to capture the delicacy of my ‘old’ hands performing an awkward deception. I imply that my image was captured by the familiar use of photography to replicate the quality of the oil painting by Massey, combined with the mood of such masters as Caravaggio or Vermeer.

My hands appear to be holding a taught ultra fine line of minuscule proportion, like a hair; in reality on closer inspection the line is an illusion.

Rosalind Barker.

Guoxin Fu, 'Gaze' 2014

Guoxin Fu, ‘Gaze’ 2014

Bartolome Esteban Murillo, 'Self Portrait', 1670

Bartolome Esteban Murillo, ‘Self Portrait’, 1670

In Guoxin Fu’s work ‘Gaze’explores the role modern media plays in spreading human consciousness in response to Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s, ‘Self Portrait’ 1670.

MA Drawing 5

Jhih-Ren Shih, ‘Mr Page and his family butchers shop’, 2014

Christen Kobke, 'Portrait of P. Ryder, 1848

Christen Kobke, ‘Portrait of P. Ryder, 1848

Jhih-Ren Shih chooses to feature The Butcher local to Wimbledon College of Arts to represent the everyday working man in response to Christen Kobke’s ‘Portrait of P. Ryder’ 1848 (The Baker).

See the entire exhibition of 20 works by MA Drawing students in response to The National Gallery collection, re-installed at Wimbledon College of Arts.

‘Just for a the day’

Wimbledon College of Arts

Foyer Gallery

3 April – 24 April 2014

Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

9 am – 5 pm.

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David Toop: Offering Rites at Central Saint Martins

Offering Rites
Music legend David Toop is currently presenting a series of events called Offering Rites at Central Saint Martins. As a tasty side dish, we serve up a little background information on the man.

Toop, who was recently appointed Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation at UAL, is a legend in arts and music circles. A musician, writer and critic, he is one of the most influential names on the UK’s experimental electronic music scene.

His journey started way back in the 70s and he’s worked with an incredible roster musical pioneers, from Brian Eno and Luke Vibert to John Zorn and Grandmaster Flash. Toop has collaborated with artists from many disciplines, including theatre director and actor Steven Berkoff.

As a critic and columnist, Toop has written vitally influential pieces for publications such as The Wire, Dazed And Confused, The Face, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Arena and Vogue.

Innovative and immersive
As a leading authority on music Toop has lent his inimitable voice to books on a variety of genres. He’s responsible for Rap Attack, a ground-breaking book documenting the origins of hip-hop. His second book, Ocean of Sound, explores how ambient isn’t a genre so much as a ‘way of listening’.

Highly respected by artists and critics alike, Toop has a reputation for innovative, immersive performances. Speaking about the current series of events, he said: “these are best imagined as a means to connect with methods of making and remembering, unmaking and forgetting.

“They are more concerned with the unfinished or in-between, that which is difficult to articulate or impossible to exhibit; each one will involve offerings of different kinds, opportunities to listen, to watch, to speak, to be silent.”

The final installment of Offering Rites will take place this Saturday (2 April 2014).

More information:
The Offering Rites event series at Central Saint Martins
Offering Rites 3: Beyond the Object

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Alumni Celebrate Emerging Talent


Alumni, staff and students from across UAL’s six Colleges were invited to an exclusive event at SPACE Studios to celebrate some of the outstanding fine art work emerging from our 2013 graduates, which have been showcased at this year’s Future Map exhibition.

The event was organised by Development and Alumni Relations, hosted by SPACE Studios and supported by sponsors Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté a Paris.


Guests were treated to a private view of Future Map and had the chance to meet some of this years exhibitors. The lucky attendees also enjoyed a drinks and food reception, music and they even got to make some of their own art on the night! (Although, unfortunately, none of the newly created artworks are likely to make next year’s Future Map.)

Sponsors of the event, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté a Paris were on hand to demonstrate and give away free art products to all guests.


UAL’s Vice-Chancellor, Nigel Carrington, and Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Karen Doyle, spoke about the importance of alumni events and how it’s never too late to get involved in the largest creative network in the world.

Sarah Clark (Head of UK Marketing) and Rebecca Pelly-Fry (Griffin Gallery Director) spoke about engaging with emerging artists and opportunities for alumni with the upcoming Griffin Art Prize 2014 (find out more here).


Thanks to everyone who came along, we hope you enjoyed the evening. A huge thanks also to our sponsors, it was their support that enabled us to hold this event for our community.

All photos from the evening can be found on the UAL Alumni Association Facebook page.

For more information on the UAL’s Alumni Association, please visit our website.


Book Launch: Shelving the Body by Darragh Casey

Nana Shelf Portrait by Darragh Casey

Nana Shelf Portrait by Darragh Casey

On 23 April 2014, Central Saint Martins MA Design graduate Darragh Casey will launch his book Shelving the Body. The Soapbox Press publication will showcase Casey’s striking ‘shelf portraiture’. 

Darragh’s portraiture takes people out of their familiar environment and places them – and a few items from their usual habitat – on a series of shelves. Each piece of shelving is unique, manufactured for the individual and the objects that make up their life.

The shelf portraits examine the idea of the ‘user’, whose traditional expectations of the shelf are purely practical. Darragh saw that shelves seek to accommodate the user by holding their belongings, but rarely look beyond this responsibility. He decided to intertwine person and shelf, change the ergonomics and alter logistics.

Shelving the Body charts Darragh’s journey from studying at Central Saint Martins to winning professional commissions. It includes commentary from Darragh’s tutors, who experienced first-hand the project’s development. His family and friends, who were guinea pigs for the project, have also contributed.

The book launch will take place at Central Saint Martins on 23 April 2014.

More information:
Darragh Casey’s website
MA Design

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