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The House of Worth: Portrait of an Archive

The House of Worth: Portrait of an Archive

The House of Worth: Portrait of an Archive by Amy de la Haye & Valerie Mendes

Professor of Dress History and Curatorship, and Centre for Fashion Curation co-director, Amy de la Haye has co-authored a book on the House of Worth Archive with her V&A colleague, Valerie Mendes. The book was 6 years in the making and is published by the V&A, where both have worked as curators.

Charles Frederick Worth was an English designer who made his mark on the French fashion industry in the mid 19th Century and is widely considered the father of Haute Couture.

Their monograph brings together hundreds of photographs selected from the V&A’s unique archive of over 7,000 official house records. The images used capture the Worth style and offer fascinating insights into the daily routine of the House. The book tells the intriguing story of their acquisition and their historical context, and describes Worth’s international clientele of elegant women of wealth and power, from Lillie Langtry and Sarah Bernhardt to the Duchess of Marlborough.

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LCF’s Asger Juel Larsen wins International Woolmark Prize European Heat

Asper Juel Larsen - Winner of Woolmark Prize European Heat

Asger Juel Larsen – Winner of Woolmark Prize European Heat with his oversized cream coat. Photo:

LCF 2011 MA Graduate Asger Juel Larsen was successful at winning the European heats for the International Woolmark Prize this week. He will now move on to the final where he will face off against four other menswear designers from Australia, America, Asia, India and the Middle East.

Copenhagen based designer Asger, a BAMA Fashion Design Technology: Menswear graduate, beat nine other names to be honoured in the first dedicated men’s category of the prize’s history. To win the regional semifinal competition, designers were tasked with creating a look made from Merino Wool to show to a panel at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris.

One judge, director of menswear at Hermes, Veronique Nichanian, commented on Larsen’s excellent delivery:

Asger’s presentation was very structured and well-articulated, his research on fabrics and textures was elaborate and accomplished. The decision was made as one voice.

The decision to crown the London College of Fashion graduate’s oversized cream coat (pictured above) was unanimous according to reports. Other judges on the men’s board included James Leaford, Fashion Editor of GQ France; Sarah Andleman, Creative Director of Colette; and Tim Blanks, Editor-at-Large of

Asger was lauded for his “commercial understanding and application of Merino wool” – his oversized cream jacket taking centre stage at the proceedings.

Asger must now design a capsule collection in Merino wool to be showcased during London Collections: Men in January 2015. Success in the final round would see the designer walk away with an additional 100,000 AUD (£54,000) along with the opportunity to be stocked in retailers such as Harvey Nichols in London, Colette in Paris and 10 Corso Como in Milan.

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Fashion Illustration secrets from the BA14 Runway Show

Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Faye Van Andel, BA (Hons) Womenswear, and Zoe Greening, BA (Hons) Fashion Contour. Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Rachel O'Mahony, BA (Hons) Womenswear, and Harry Harvey BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles. Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Sofia Ilmonen, BA (Hons) Womenswear, Jinhee Moon, BA (Hons) Womenswear, and Mengna Ye, BA (Hons) Womenwear. Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Marta Cesaro, BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring, and Shasha Wong, BA (Hons)  Fashion Textiles. Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Sunjung Park, BA (Hons) Womenswear, and Jesika July, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles. Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration - illustration of Marta Cesaro, BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring, and Shasha Wong, BA (Hons)  Fashion Textiles

Following LCF’s BA14 Summer Season we saw tons of beautiful images all over social media from students, graduates and industry alike.

However, one set of images really caught our eye – Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration student, dropped us a line to say she had live illustrated the BA14 Runway Show. We couldn’t overlook such wonderful work so we asked Megan to tell us the secret to creating beautiful fashion drawings in super short bursts of time…

LCF News: How do you manage to create these beautiful images in such a short space of time? We reckon you must have only a few minutes from when the collection hits the runway to when it disappears off the scene!

Megan: Well that’s something I ask myself all the time and get asked all the time! I think I would say lots of practice… It’s using quick ways of getting the image onto paper that helps. I use a water brush, watercolours and fine liners to create drawings. I also add in the use of a few big markers to create big marks from time to time. Let’s just say I like shows where the models walk slow!

LCF News: What do you love to draw? Which collection did you enjoy drawing the most?

Megan: I love doing catwalk illustration and drawing from life – movement and body are so interesting! My favourite had to be Rachel O’Mahony, BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear, and Harry Harvey, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles. The textures and shape were fantastic to illustrate. It’s all about silhouette and creating movement, and it moved so well.

LCF News: What makes a great fashion illustration?

Megan: Personally I think a focus on the clothes rather than the person, in live illustration you are capturing the collection not the model. But it really depends what sort of fashion illustration you do, the thing that has stuck with me is to draw everything as if its an object and have no preconceived ideas as to what it should look like. Realism, honesty from the artist and creative freedom. A fashion illustration should be a personal reaction to what you’re viewing. A showcase of the how the collection made you feel and how it expresses itself to you.

LCF NewsWhat advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration?

Megan: Take every opportunity you get given! That’s the biggest thing to learn, Sue Dray (BA (Hons) Fashion Illustrator Course Leader) has so many contacts and connections in the industry and passes on her wisdom (and show tickets to LFW etc.) like no tomorrow. Just take on board positive and negative feedback as you would have to in the industry and remember you are building yourself as an artist all the time. Also one big thing… attend every class! It sounds stupid but if you miss classes you miss chances to build your skills and portfolio and also meet people from industry. Sue brings in industry visitors sometimes without warning if you are there you will never miss out! Lastly think of the course as a platform to create your illustration branding and industry name, you have 3 years of tutoring to prepare you for a tough industry. I’d use that time to get known and build your contact base.

LCF News: What else are you up to? What opportunities has LCF given you to achieve your ambitions?

Megan: Well the list is endless, LCF has enabled me to do things I never thought were possible. I’m now officially in position as the new LCF Vice President for SUARTS so you’ll be seeing a lot of me from now on!
I’m currently building my international base as an illustrator just back from Berlin Fashion Week and currently collaborating with various well known brands – Paul Smith,, The Ragged Priest, MICHALSKY and many more. The work is coming through thick and fast so it looks like a busy summer ‘break’.

To be able to come to London at 16 to study at LCF was a dream in one so everything that has happened since is magic. Studying a BA at 17 with industry involvement within 4 weeks of the course starting, shows just how amazing this place is, LCF gave us tickets for my first LFW as an illustrator and its since then that my career has started fully. So I can only thank LCF and Sue Dray for that! LCF are so willing to help and push you towards the right people, all the tutors have amazing industry knowledge and contacts so that in its self is another opportunity for you to achieve.

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LCF’s Dr. Shaun Cole awarded PhD for his thesis, ‘Sexuality, identity and the clothed male body.’

Dr Shaun Cole,

Dr Shaun Cole, Director of the Graduate School’s Culture and Curation Programme

Director of the Graduate School’s Culture & Curation programme, Shaun Cole has completed his PhD titled ‘Sexuality, Identity and the Clothed Male Body’, and is now Dr. Shaun Cole.

Shaun’s thesis draws together his key works: Don We Now Our Gay Apparel: Gay Men’s Dress in the Twentieth Century (Berg, 2000); and The Story of Men’s Underwear (Parkstone International Press, 2010) – and two chapters in edited books – ‘Butch Queens in Macho Drag: Gay Men, Dress and Subcultural Identity’ (2008) and ‘Hair and Male (Homo)Sexuality: Up-Top and Down Below’ (2008).

By examining the major themes of sexuality, identity, subcultural formation, men’s dress, masculinities, clothes and the body, his thesis presents a comprehensive investigation of these relatively neglected areas of fashion study and dress history.

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Call for contributions: Fashion Colloquia Shanghai

Fashion Colloquia.jpg shanghai

Fashion Colloquia Shanghai

21st and 22nd April 2015

Call for contributions

Background to the Colloquia Series

The Fashion Colloquia originated through a core network of 4 institutions, connected by their residence and involvement in the four big ‘Fashion weeks’ across the globe. These Institutions were the London College of Fashion – University of the Arts, London, Domus Academy – Milan, Institute Francais de la Mode – Paris and Parsons the New School for Design, School of Fashion, New York. As result, members of this core network used the occurrence of the fashion weeks to organise a series of colloquia taking place from 2011-2013.

Their aim was to use the fashion weeks as a catalyst to challenge understandings regarding fashion across the globe. A rich variety of contributions (from academia, media and practice) have been enjoyed at these colloquia events and many have now been uploaded to the international repository for fashion housed at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

Our Call for contributions:

The success of this first series led us to develop a second series with a new group of partners. Our second series of fashion colloquium focuses on ‘emergence’ and how each location intends to contribute to the growing importance of fashion across the globe. Our first two colloquia meetings took place in Amsterdam (with AMFI) and Accra, Ghana (with University of Ghana) in 2014. Now we would now like to introduce our next colloquia event that will be held in Shanghai at Donghua University.

Shanghai is the emerging into becoming one of the most important, diverse and strategic cities in the world and likely to become a major player for the future of fashion. Yet are the challenges facing Shanghai and China similar or distinctive from other locations across the globe? To fully engage with these areas we will host the colloquium at the newly formed Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation of Donghua University.

This event is being held just before Greater Donghua Fashion Week (see website). We will help/advise colleagues regarding attendance.

Fashion Colloquia Shanghai – Themes:

At each colloquium there will be a mixture of specific themes that are of particular relevance to the specific locations around the globe with a series of themes, which will allow different sets of contributions to be added and explored. Some events at each of the colloquia will be streamed ‘live’ to pre-registered users of the repository. We also aim to upload selected content from the colloquium to the repository.

We would welcome a wide variety of contributions (from workshops, academic papers, presentations, exhibitions etc.) able to respond to the following three overall themes:

Fashion Education:

• The future of fashion education across the world;

• Cultural difference for fashion education;

• The future of the fashion curriculum in light of new media;

• Fashion education for the global citizen.

Fashion Information:

• Challenges to fashion communication in the digital age;

• The influence of media and celebrities for fashion;

• The importance of seasonal fashion shows coverage;

• The value of using trend forecasting for fashion studies.

Fashion Cultures:

• Networks of global fashion knowledge;

• The relevance of emerging fashion capitals in a multi-disciplinary and global context;

• The perception of high/luxury fashion in a cross-cultural and trans-historical perspective;

• The diversity of fashion aesthetics within different age groups.

We are looking to invite contributions from across the world to:

1. Provide a workshop platform for local and international delegates.

2. Respond to the theme – either via exhibitions, workshops, academic papers or surprise us!

3. Explore Shanghai and attend Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival.

Admission to the events will be free to invited persons – however, you must register

If you are interested please contact:


Abstract/Proposals/contributions deadline is 30th November 2014.

Please complete author(s) details as requested:

Use MS-Word,

Font: Arial font size 11

Paragraph alignment: Justified

The maximum is 500 words including title and keywords

Further details can be found at:

For further information please contact:

Interview: Alumnae Tina and Nikita Sutradhar of MIUNIKU, LVMH Special Prize winners


Since graduating from BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear in 2013, sisters Tina and Nikita Sutradhar have made a dream debut into the fashion industry with their Mumbai-based label MIUNIKU. Claiming the Innovation Award for their final collection at the LCF BA13 Catwalk Show was just the beginning of a spectacular run of success that has seen them lift the ISKO™ Denim Diffusion Award, reach the semi-finals of the H&M Design Awards 2014, and be awarded a Special Prize in the prestigious LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers.

The sibling design duo were selected by some of the biggest names in fashion to take the LVMH Special Prize, including Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Raf Simons, Nicolas Ghesquière, Phoebe Philo, Riccardo Tisci, Kenzo’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, and LVMH executives Delphine Arnault, Jean-Paul Claverie and Pierre-Yves Roussel. The award comes with a €100,000 prize fund and a year of mentoring from LVMH.

We caught up with Tina and Nikita to find out how it feels to win and what’s next in the sparkling story of MIUNIKU…

How does it feel to be awarded the LVMH Special Prize alongside Hood By Air, coming just second to Thomas Tait, who you previously interned with?

It feels quite amazing! We don’t really have the words to express it. It’s quite surreal! Interning at Thomas’s really gave us confidence to do our college projects better. We are so happy that Thomas won the main prize. His work is absolutely brilliant and it feels like a family win, to have won second to him alongside Hood By Air.

What was the LVMH finalists judging panel like?

We were like, ‘Are we dreaming?’! This was the first time that all of the judges were together in the same room. But as daunting as it may sound, they were really nice and easy to talk to.

Why do you think you have had so much success so quickly after graduating from LCF?

We are really thankful to God for this. We are also ever so grateful to LCF. Everything from the tutorials with Rob Phillips, Liliana Sanguino, James Pegg and the guest tutors, to the way the units were designed, helped us to shape our brand identity. To get a chance to see your collection on the runway is quite amazing and the Showtime platform really opened doors for us!

What will you do with the €100,000 prize fund? And what do you hope to learn from the year of mentoring?

We will use the prize fund for the business. So everything from making the next collection, to presenting it, moving to London, renting a studio space, etc. We really value the mentoring as well, we hope to learn how to go about the business and it will help us to make sure we are on the right track.

Tell us about your work environment: where is your work space and what is it like?

At the moment we are working from home in Mumbai. So we use our dining table for cutting and there are 2 sewing machines and an iron. When we move to London we will set up a proper studio to work from.

How many people are working in your company and how do you produce your collections?

As of now it’s just the two of us and we will be hiring two local seamstresses to help us out.

Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14 Miuniku AW14

How would you describe your brand aesthetic? Does your brand have a particular philosophy?

Our brand aesthetic is a balance between clean lines and graphic details. A mix of minimal and maximal elements. We don’t have a particular brand philosophy, but making well-finished garments with good design value is our priority.

What do your family think of your brand and your amazing success?

They are really happy! Many people thought it was a waste of money to go abroad and study fashion instead of studying to be a doctor or engineer. It was difficult for my parents to fund our whole study, but this is what we have always wanted to do and they have always been supportive! So they are absolutely ecstatic and really excited.

What’s next for MIUNIKU?

Our next step is to make our SS15 collection. We are planning a small presentation in Paris and we are also invited to show our next collection in Dubai in the end of October as a part of the Vogue Italia Dubai Fashion Experience. So we are really, really excited about what lies ahead!

Thanks Tina and Nikita! We can’t wait to hear about your next success!

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Professor Charlotte Hodes collaborates with Professor Deryn Rees-Jones


Professor Charlotte Hodes’ collaboration with poet Professor Deryn Rees-Jones (Department of English, University of Liverpool) at the Ledbury Poetry Festival

Helen Thomas (1877-1967), wife of the poet Edward Thomas, arrived for a holiday in Ledbury at midnight on the 28th July, 1914, the day that war with Germany had been declared. For the remainder of the summer the Thomas family, and the family of the American poet Robert Frost, lived nearby in houses across the fields from each other. Thomas and Frost walked the surrounding Malvern Hills and countryside, and it was during this time that Thomas worked out his vision for poetry.

Edward Thomas’s poem ‘And You, Helen’ (written a year to the day before he died in March 1917) was a starting point for Deryn Rees-Jones’ poetic reimagining of Helen.

Charlotte Hodes in turn responded to Deryn Rees-Jones’ twelve part poem ‘ And You, Helen’ in a sequence of papercuts and an animation made with recent CSM MA graduate, Kristina Pulejkova.

The Ledbury Poetry Festival commissioned two performances which took place 4 and 5 June 2014. The poem was read by actress, Juliet Stevenson.

The book And you, Helen which includes the poem, a long reflective essay on Helen and Edward Thomas by Deryn Rees-Jones and papercuts by Charlotte Hodes is pubished by Seren 2014

LCF designers host pop up shop at Ram Place Fashion Market

Emily Carter, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

Emily Carter, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

LCF students and alumni will be hosting a stall at the Barbican’s Ram Place Fashion Market over the next two weekends. At the pop-up space you will find a selection of limited edition products for sale, showcasing work from our design students and BA14 graduates.

Exclusive and affordable products will be available from a range of courses including BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles and BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation. Designers include talented first year accessories student, Daniel Thompson who will showcase his leather backpack which can be made to order; Class of 2014 BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles graduate Nicole Paskauskas, who will be selling her new collection of accessories ‘Wrapped’; and another new textile graduate, Emily Carter, who will be selling her intricate flora and fauna fine pen illustrations and silk scarves.

There will be an abundance of jewellery to entice and excite, with Ariel Chen selling pieces from her BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery graduate collection ‘Dark Opulance’ alongside Rachel Yeung’s delicate metal work and Qian Yang’s ‘Pearl Necklace’ collection, and not to forget the beautiful handcrafted glass bead work of Vidhi Chandiramani.

There will be something for everyone, so pop in to see us to pick up a unique gift or special treat!

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Industry and alumni advise the Class of 2014 for LCF’s tweetchat: #LCFBA14 – What next?

The LCFBA14 Employability tweetchat. Photo: Iris Bjork, BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Photography

The LCFBA14 Employability tweetchat. Photo: Iris Bjork, BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Photography.

This summer season, the Class of 2014 have proven that they’ve got creative talent, fresh ideas and a determination to succeed but what happens next? How can they make their ambitions a reality in the fashion industry?

@LCFLondon and @LCFCareers discussed exactly that with top recruiters and LCF alumni who have already made those crucial steps into the industry. Here’s what we discovered…

How do you secure that first big role?

Recruiters were hot on the topic of giving that all essential advice for landing your first role:

LCF students have the chance to be involved in lots of schemes via LCF Careers which help them to secure placements, work experience and paid internships, as well as get coaching from industry mentors. Alumni spoke about the importance of these opportunities and making the most of them whilst studying in order to enter the industry with a better sense of what you want to do and how to achieve it:

How to network and use social media:

One thing was very clear from the recruiters and graduate employability experts: Use social media to get yourself known and to make contact with the companies and people you aspire to work with.

However, you want to be using social media to your advantage – not disadvantage! The recruiters spoke about what they look for, and what they fear discovering:

There was also advice on how to network with those around you – not just via a screen:

How do you launch your own enterprise, and when’s best to do it?

LCF alumni provided loads of inspiring ideas as to why and how to launch your own enterprise or label. They spoke about how exciting, but also how challenging it is to be your own boss, and gave some top tips:

There was debate over whether to work in the industry before you launch an enterprise, or whether to build your own thing from the very start:

They also discussed freelancing:

At UAL, Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE) supports students to launch their own enterprises.

Some final words of advice

Recruiters and alumni shared their final words of inspiration and advice. It seems that the future contains promise for the Class of 2014…

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LCF MA 2014 graduate nominated for Scottish Fashion Awards

Barbra Kolasinski

Barbra Kolasinski, MA Design Technology Womenswear

The Scottish Fashion Awards have been announced this week with an impressive list of nominees and honourees for the 9th annual fashion extravaganza, which includes MA14 Graduate Barbra Kolasinski. The event will take place in London on the 1st September 2014 and will be co-hosted by The Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael MP as well as awards founder Dr Tessa Hartmann and Grazia’s editor-in-chief, Jane Bruton.

The awards will be hosted by Laura Whitmore and will be followed by a Scottish banquet to be attended by industry insiders and major fashion players from around the world to celebrate the best of Scottish fashion and design talent. Barbra is nominated alongside fashion big-hitters including Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane and Holly Fulton as well as textile leaders like Dhu, Brora and Queene & Belle.

Barbra’s Graduate collection showed back in February at our annual MA show is called ‘the clan’ and it references her Scottish background. She explained to us at the show that there are a variety of tartans that can identify a family name in Scotland and she hope that her collection identifies herself in the same way. Dr Tessa Hartmann from the awards came to our MA show and was probably the place where she spotted Barbra’s collection and creative design talents!

Barbra, who graduated from our MA Design Technology Womenswear course this year, could not contain her excitement when we asked her about her feelings at being nominated for Graduate of the year.

I am very proud to be a nominee for Scottish graduate of the year at the Scottish Fashion Awards. I finished my MA at London College of Fashion with a collection that has focused primarily on Scotland and looked at traditional Scottish fabrics and working with local craftsmen. So it really does mean a lot to have been included in the awards as they celebrate what great Scots there are and what Scotland can do within the fashion industry.

The finalists will be judged by an exclusive panel consisting of insiders from the world’s leading fashion houses, the most renowned publications and leading figures in style. We wish Barbra the very best of luck!

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