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Library summer opening – new extended hours

Library Opening Hours

In response to student feedback we are pleased to announce longer Library Services opening hours. This increase is all year round, starting with increased opening hours outside of BA Term Time.

Our opening hours are listed at Please click on the individual library opening hours links for summer hours starting on Monday 23 June.

“We know that students want longer access to facilities all year round so are delighted that Library Services will be now be open for nearly 2000 more hours, creating greater parity across the Colleges, and increased resources for students.”

Shelly Asquith, SU President

Top tips for seeing the summer shows from UAL’s Chairs

With the summer degree shows in full swing at all six Colleges, some of UAL’s pioneering Chairs give their top tips for visiting the exhibitions:

Scott King: “I think taking your time is perhaps the most important thing – most student shows are (by their nature) over-crowded with work and ideas, so it’s important to spend time and not to judge anyone’s work too quickly.”

Robert Kesseler: “Essentials: A comfortable pair of shoes. A bottle of water. Small notebook. A College map. A light cotton shoulder bag. A credit card. Attitude: Talk to students. Don’t judge on first appearances. Take time to look, read and engage. Don’t be afraid to walk away from work that doesn’t do it for you.”

Fred Deakin: “Well CSM is always fun: the scale of the show in the new building is quite something. I’ll be checking out LCC’s IMI show on the 23rd as it’s an area I’m particularly interested in. But they’re all good!”

The Chairs also revealed what they’re most looking forward to seeing:

Scott King: “Last year I was most impressed by the level of ‘concept’ that had gone into the shows that I saw, particularly at LCC, so I hope to see more of that really – more ‘personal work’ that is conceptually led.”

Robert Kesseler: “A bumper fest of creativity. Lots of material qualities – sensual, touchy-feely things. Experimental approaches. Work which asks challenging questions. Concern for the environment and society.”

Fred Deakin: “More digital and more social enterprise projects. It feels like the creative world is steadily moving more into those two areas, sometimes at the same time!”

We look forward to seeing you at the shows. Find all the dates and locations on the dedicated summer degree shows website

If you’re not in London over the summer, keep up with all the action on social media - follow #summershows14 on:




‘Communities of Practice’ – applications for funding now open

Communities of Practice

All staff are invited to apply for Communities of Practice funding, which is available to either support existing Communities of Practice, or to help develop new ones. Funding can be used to support the building of networks, the organisation of meetings, or the hosting of events for the 2014/15 academic year.

The deadline for bids is 18 July.  More information on how to apply for the funding, along with the application form, can be found on the Communities of Practice blog, on the CoP Fund page.  Completed application forms should be send to Jess Armistead.

Get fit this summer: join UAL’s yoga class

UAL yoga

We invite all staff to take part in UAL’s weekly yoga class, held every Tuesday from 6-7pm at LCF, John Prince’s St. The class is suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners!

The cost of a block of five classes is £30 (£6 per class) and yoga mats are provided free of charge.

The class dates are:

  • Tuesday 1 July
  • Tuesday 8 July
  • Tuesday 15 July
  • Tuesday 29 July
  • Tuesday 5 August

All classes take place in Room 606.

Please email Nanna Gudmundsdottir if you would like to sign up to this batch of classes or if you want to be added to the mailing list for future classes.

Payment for a block of classes can be made directly to the teacher, Janet, at the first class.

Vice-Chancellor’s all staff briefings

Vice-Chancellor Nigel Carrington will give his termly all-staff briefings from Monday 23 June – full details below. The briefing will also be published on the Vice-Chancellor’s blog following the last meeting on 11 July.

Chelsea College of Arts, Monday 23 June, 1pm, Chelsea Lecture Theatre
Camberwell College of Arts, Monday 23 June, 3pm, Wilson Road Lecture Theatre
London College of Communication, Monday 30 June, 2pm, Main Lecture Theatre
Academic Development Services, Wednesday 2 July, 2pm, Chelsea Lecture Theatre
Strategic Development, Thursday 3 July, 2pm, Chelsea Lecture Theatre
Central Saint Martins, Tuesday 8 July, 11am, E002 & E003
London College of Fashion, Tuesday 8 July, 3pm, Rootstein Hopkins Space – East
Wimbledon College of Arts, Friday 11 July, 10am, Merton Hall Lecture Theatre

UAL Edit interview: Fred Deakin

UAL Professor of Interactive Digital Arts

Fred Deakin

As half of the band Lemon Jelly, Fred Deakin has been nominated for Mercury and Brit awards, sold half a million albums, headlined stages at almost every major UK music festival from Glastonbury and Bestival, to the Big Chill, and T in the Park, and made three acclaimed albums. He was co-founder and director of ground-breaking London design agency Airside, which won and was nominated for two BAFTAs, nine D&ADs, four Design Week Awards including Best In Show, a Webby and more. The Gestalten book Airside By Airside tells the agency’s story. Fred has given talks at the Design Museum, the Barbican, RCA, LCC, Design Indaba and Pictoplasma among  others, and performed at TED, run workshops at the V&A, judged the British Animation Awards and delivered a lecture tour in Indonesia with the British Councilas well as contributing to the Gowers Review white paper on the UK’s creative economy. He currently runs the collaborative organisation Fred & Company which specialises in interactive art projects.

Who or what first inspired you to follow your chosen career?

My career has been quite a weird beast. I would say it started when I first discovered my local record store. There were a few good ones in London, this was in the 80s and there was Rough Trade, Small Wonder, and this one called Honky Tonk. I went in and saw all the walls covered with record sleeves and a couple of cool kids behind the counter and I knew I wanted to be part of it. Whether it was the sleeves, or the posters or the music, I didn’t know, but I went there everyday after school annoying them, only buying a record every fortnight or something, but I just wanted to be there and be part of that world.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m continuing to work on Modual project that we’ve just completed, I want to find new ways to take that forward. The pilot was a great success so I want to build on that. I’m currently trying to get an animated music film in development.  And I’ve got a few art projects going on, I’m on the shortlist for Bristol’s Playable City award, I’m one of eight  on the shortlist and my concept is turning corners of Bristol into interactive art pieces. It’s called Transportals. If it doesn’t happen in Bristol I’ll do it in another city.


Tell us more about your role as a Chair at UAL

When I went into the interview I said what I wanted to do was create a series of immersive workshops for students to collaborate, and I wanted them to have a strong digital element because I feel that’s what’s missing at the moment and I have a strong interest in that area. I’ve taught visual design for 20 years and even with running our design studio I felt v much like that had an educational element. I’m really proud of some of the people who’ve worked with us and interned with us that have taken some of lessons from Airside and incorporated them into their practice and gone to great things. What I really want to do is empower young people to turn their talents into a career that is my personal mission as a chair.


Do you think University of the Arts London has an important role to play in Britain’s cultural life?

Yes, in a short answer. Given it’s most of London’s art schools put together and the British art school experience is unique. I did two degrees, for the first one I was up in Edinburgh and my girlfriend was in London at CSM and I could see at the time that she was having a unique educational experience at art school which was very different from mine at University. I think with art schools it’s about teaching that creative spark which makes the difference, and UAL does it very well. UAL can undoubtedly claim the most excellence in that. I’m really passionate about arts and the British art school experience – I think they’re the reason we still rule the world creatively, we’re still cutting edge because of our art schools. We must keep nurturing the maverick spirit of art schools, that’s UAL’s role.


What are you most passionate about?

Coming together to make magic – creative magic gets me excited in both my in professional life and my personal life. I like that communal experience, and the more I think about my career and life I realize that it’s the moments when we transcend ourselves that we find that magic and it’s nearly always communal creative or cultural experiences – like gigs or at museums – where you share that moment together. I like the internet and cinema and all those things, but there’s something about when people really embrace an experience together, it’s like electricity – you know when it happens.

Lemon Jelly gig by Show ryu

Which work do you wish you had created?

There’s lots of work I admire. I’m a big fan of Tom Purvis’s work. His transport poster designs were the inspiration for my graphic style. His whole body of work is amazing. There’s a series of six posters series with different scenes – the beach, walking in the countryside and so on – and they all have the same colour palette and I realized that if you put them all next to each other they all form one continuous fresco. And these were all done pre computers. When I saw that I thought bloody hell mate, you nailed that one!


Where is your favourite London haunt?

Hampstead Heath. It’s always been a touchstone for me. I grew up in Kentish Town – or K Town as I gather it’s now called – and when I was a kid I played football on the Heath, when I was a teenager I got wasted there in the middle of the night, now I go to the mens’ pond to swim when it’s hot. Whether it’s Hampstead Heath, or Richmond or Kew, London’s green spaces are what keeps the city sane.


What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m watching Game of Thrones at the moment, does that count as a guitty pleasure? I’m watching it with my son and we’re bonding over lots of nudity and violence – it’s a unique way to bond!


Name a favourite book, song or film

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K Dick. He’s my favourite author, I wrote my dissertation on him. This is his last book, but it’s not as well known. I won’t say too much, but it’s totally mind-blowing and amazing.


I usually say Beyond the Valley of the Dolls – that’s definitely one of my favourites.


That’s an evil question. I’m trying to remember a song I was playing on the ukelele with my wife and it was really lovely… Okay well for today I will go for Hobo’s Lullaby by Woody Gutherie.


What is your signature dish?

Kedgree. My mum taught me how to make it, it’s remarkably easy but it looks complicated. And you can have it for breakfast or dinner – in fact you can eat if for any meal!

kedgeree shot by Blue Moon In Her Eyes

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

Basically, in a nutshell, do it yourself. Don’t wait around for someone else to give you permission. That idea is what’s served me all my life. I you think you have an idea, go out and create that idea yourself with your friends and your peers, rather than waiting for someone to employ you to do it. You can make it happen yourself.


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Last chance to book for Artsmart 2014!

Myarts_update_17 June (1)

The careers festival for creative graduates 

 Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 June 2014

Artsmart, University of the Arts London’s career festival for creative graduates, is back for its fourth year and starts on Monday 23 June and continues until Wednesday 25 June, at 272 High Holborn.

Our packed schedule of activities and events offers practical and inspirational talks and workshops, one-to-one support, employment opportunities and industry networking events to help you get ahead in your chosen career.

All Artsmart events are free and available to all UAL students and graduates.

Our talks and events are booking up fast, so reserve your places in advance at

Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Join the conversation by using the hashtag: #artsmart14


‘Futurising’ the Curriculum: College Funded Projects

Futurising the curriculum

SEE and CLTAD have announced their winning student engagement projects, which have been allocated funding of £2,500 in total.

These projects investigate the relationship between college disciplines and graduate attributes relating to sustainability or enterprise and employability.

Full list of projects:

How We Work (Central Saint Martins)

Saturday 14 June
A conversation between industry and education aimed at students. Presentations by industry representatives and current students on the Graphic Communication Design Programme at Central Saint Martins, exploring key graduate attributes suitable for employment in creative corporations.

Check out the programme and book your free space!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Professional Practice Cycling Tour (CCW)

Monday 16 June and Wednesday 18 June
Open to both staff and students. Join us for two unique cycling events, as we give you behind the scenes access to the studios and project spaces of some of London’s most exciting creative practitioners.

Check out the programme and book your free space!

Alumni Print Club (London College of Communication)

An open access print club for selected alumni and current final year students from BA and FdA Surface Design, Illustration, and Book Arts.

For further information contact Tony Braithwaite 

Mapping, Framing and Evaluating the Impacts of Our Sustainable Activities Across Disciplines and Curricula (Central Saint Martins)

A workshop for staff and students to share and evaluate the range of activities and attitudes to sustainability across disciplines at CSM.

For further information contact Jane Penty

MyArts is changing – autumn 2014

A project is well underway to replace the existing MyArts pages with a new intranet that uses portal technology. We hope that the new MyArts will provide a much-improved communication platform as well as a shared digital space that allows staff and students to keep up-to-date with what’s happening across UAL.

MyArts Staff

The new MyArts will be a gateway to UAL and college information and will display news, events and other information according to whether you’re part of a college or work for UAL Services. It will also provide easy access to content from other colleges and a single point of access to systems and sites that we use every day such as Employee Self Service (iTrent) or the Agresso finance system. Huge thanks to all staff who have been involved in the consultation so far.

Logging in

Everyone (staff and students) will have to log in to the new MyArts. This will provide you with a more personalised view of life at UAL and will also let you access MyArts securely from outside the university network. The fact that the content sits behind a network login creates a secure digital space and allows us to share information safely with staff and students. In future, MyArts will provide access to a number of applications without the need to log in again. This is known as Single Sign On and, while it won’t happen immediately when we launch the new MyArts in autumn 2014, it is something that we are working towards.

New look

The new design is in keeping with the UAL brand and is accessible and easy to navigate. Check out the image above for a sneak preview of the new MyArts and you’ll soon see changes to the current intranet that reflect the new design. These include improvements to the navigation and changes to the font, style and colour.

If you would like any further information please contact

MyArts is changing – autumn 2014

The new MyArts will be a gateway to UAL and college information, displaying news, events and other information according to which college you attend. It provides easy access to content from other colleges, helping you keep up-to-date with what’s happening across the university and is a single point of access to systems and sites that you use every day such as Moodle, your timetable or the library catalogue.

MyArts Student

Logging in

Everyone (staff and students) will have to log in to the new MyArts. This will provide you with a more personalised view of life at UAL and will also let you access MyArts from outside the university network. In future, MyArts will allow you to access a number of sites and applications without having to sign in again. This won’t happen immediately when the new MyArts goes live in autumn 2014 but it’s something that we are working towards.

New look

The new design is in keeping with the UAL brand and is accessible and easy to navigate. Check out the image above for a sneak preview of the new MyArts and you’ll see changes to the current intranet that reflect the new design over the next few weeks.

If you would like any further information please email