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Yve Lomax talk: Photographs, Writing.


A research talk by Yve Lomax:

‘Photographs, Writing’

Wednesday 11 March 2015, 4.30.
Street Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle.

All welcome.

The Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub at LCC is pleased to announce a research talk by Yve Lomax:

‘Within this talk I will give examples of my writing and, in so doing, say something about photographic images. There will be examples that embrace what I can only call the ‘art’ of writing. There will also be examples of me toing and froing as, in writing, I enter into conversation with myself. And finally there will be ideas regarding the example itself and how, if only for a moment, a photographic image can be considered as that.’

Yve Lomax is a visual artist and writer. She is author of Pure Means: Writing, Photographs and an Insurrection of Being(2013), Passionate Being: Language, Singularity and Perseverance (2010), Sounding the Event: Escapades in Dialogue and Matters of Art, Nature and Time (2005) and Writing the Image: An Adventure with Art and Theory (2000). She is currently Senior Research Tutor for Photography and Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. She is also a director of and commissioning editor for the Common Intellectual series of Copy Press.

This event is organized in association with TrAIN, the UAL research centre for transnational art, identity and nation.

Please direct enquiries to: Weibke Leister,

Office 365 – coming soon

Office 365 The Office 365 pilot has started. Over 250 ‘early adopters’ from across the university are having their accounts moved to Office 365 by 22 January. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased mailbox size (up to 50GB) and more Cloud storage for documents
  • Access to emails remotely without having to log in to webmail
  • Instant messaging and Lync video conferencing
  • Access to documents from mobile devices with OneDrive
  • Up to five copies of the Microsoft suite so you can use the applications on your different devices

All staff will be migrated to Office 365 between 2 March and 28 August, with student migration scheduled for 10 August – 7 October. The pilot will provide valuable insights that can be applied to the main Office 365 deployment. Find out more about the benefits of Office 365 and how to use the software.

en>route development opportunities for BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority ethnic) staff

Mentoring for BAME Staff, Grade 4+:
Register now as a Mentee, and participate in 10 mentoring sessions with a senior manager or academic, matched to your 2015 career development aims. Mentee Induction Day: 9th February.

For more information and to register, visit en>route’s Mentoring intranet page

BAME Interview Panellists Required, any Grade:
If you are a from BAME background, and worked at UAL for more than 9 months, you are eligible to volunteer for the Interview Panellists Pool (endorsed by Executive Board). Members of the Pool will be asked to complete one day’s training, and participate in 2 or 3 recruitment panels each year.

For more information, and to register, visit the Interview Panellists Pool intranet page

Senior Shadowing Programme for BAME staff, Grade 3+:
Wanting to progress your career at UAL? Learn about the roles, career experiences and strategic vision of senior managers at the University, through a 1:1 meeting and observation of committees that they chair.

For more information, and to register, visit the Senior Shadowing intranet page

Meet June HyeonJeong JI

With the launch of the popular “Boris bikes” and the creation of cycle superhighways, cycling in London has become more popular than ever amongst the capital’s commuters, tourists and those that just like to zip about. With this increase in cyclists and the dark evenings now upon us, road safety, as always, is a huge concern to everyone. However, no one can deny that the dayglow yellow jackets and glow in the dark stripes flashing before your eyes are hardly worthy of the catwalk…until now.

PHOIBE is a new range of female cycle clothing and accessories, designed to be both fashionable, practical and highly visible. The creative brain behind the brand is Korean Central Saint Martins alumna June HyeonJeong JI.

PHOIBE P006-2_ (2)

What made you decide to come to London to study at Central Saint Martins?
I wanted to broaden my experience by studying in London and chose St. Martins for its reputation as one of the most prestigious schools for Art and Design.


What did you learn from the Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries course?
I learned various approaches to particular challenges working alongside a diverse group of students from all professional backgrounds. Through the development of my own project, I was given space to design freely and take creative ‘risks’.


What was the best experience you had while you were at UAL?
Ultimately, it was working alongside hugely talented students and being inspired by their level of creativity and professionalism. I also really enjoyed the move to the new school building which was completed during my second semester.


Bike One

What advice would you give to international students moving to London for the first time?
Go for it! It’s great fun studying and living in London.


What have you been doing since graduation?
I have been working in a fashion company in Korea as their chief designer as well as doing some lecturing on design at a University in Seoul. Recently, I have returned to London to showcase my new range of cycle clothing and accessories at SPIN LONDON. I’m very excited about this new range of fashionable high-visibility wear which will be launching in 2015 under the name PHOIBE. This has grown out of work I started doing for my masters at UAL in 2011.


Tell us about PHOIBE. What made you put cycling safety at the forefront of your designs?
As a women cyclist who enjoys fashion, I am aware of the importance of road safety-wear, but wanted to bridge the gap between practical and fashionable clothing, as many items on the market seem to be either one or the other. Having talked to a lot of women cyclists, I realise that I am not alone in wanting a product that offers both safety and also looks good!


Were you excited about returning to London to take part in Spin (a mini-festival celebrating everything around urban cycling offers the perfect shopping experience for all those that love cycling, fashion and design)?
Absolutely – I love London and the chance to get feedback on my designs from customers and professionals in my field is invaluable.


PHOIBE P003 (2)

Korea is home to our second largest group of alumni and we were thrilled to have hosted a special alumni event in Seoul recently. What are some of your favourite places in Seoul?


Do you keep in contact with any fellow UAL graduates?
Yes, I try to stay in contact with students in my year as often as time allows.


Who/what inspires you?
I get general inspiration from visiting museums and galleries, travelling and meeting new people.


What’s next for you?
I’m planning to launch PHOIBE in the first half of 2015 so will be setting up the business side of things whilst also working on new designs to increase the product range. I will also continue my lecturing in design at the University in Seoul, plus I am looking into the possibility of doing a PhD in Fashion and Design – 2015 is likely to be a busy year for me!

People’s Daily meets Nigel Carrington

Nigel Carrington on People's Daily UK
Top People, the prestigious interview series from Chinese media group People’s Daily UK, this month features UAL Vice-Chancellor Nigel Carrington. The programme, whose recent interviewees include Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg, visited UAL’s Showroom gallery to speak to Nigel about China’s creative economy, the strength of the British creative education system, and Nigel’s perspective on the Chinese Dream.

View the interview part one

View the interview part two

Read more about Nigel Carrington

People's Daily


Nigel Carrington with People's Daily UK presenter Tianxing Bai

Sign up for a language evening course starting in February

Language Centre

Sign up for a 12-week beginner evening course in French, German, Italian, Mandarin or Spanish, starting in February. 

About the classes
Each class begins with a presentation given by your teacher, introducing you to an aspect of the country’s art and culture. The language learning comes from this topic with listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. By the end of the course you will not only have a grasp of a modern language but you will also be able to use this skill in an interesting and practical way.

All of our teachers are native speakers of the languages they teach.

All classes are taught at beginner level. Maximum 18 students per class.

Classes are once a week in the evenings making it manageable if you study or work full time.

  • 6-8.30pm, Tuesday: French, Italian
  • 6-8.30pm, Thursday: German, Mandarin, Spanish
  • 6-8.30pm, Friday: French

Course dates

  • Lessons 1-6 week starting 2 February – 13 March 2015
  • Lessons 7-12 week starting 27 April – 5 June 2015

Classes take place at the Language Centre, based at 272 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EY.

£318. UAL staff members may be able to have the tuition fee paid through their department’s staff development budget. Please speak to your line manager before you book / pay the tuition fee.

How to book
Please see the Language Centre web pages for further details.

UAL Teaching Scholars announced

UAL Teaching Scholars Group

We are delighted to announce that four UAL staff members have been presented with the prestigious title of UAL Teaching Scholar.

This new award is for academic and support staff who demonstrate excellence in teaching and support. The awards were presented at the 2015 Learning and Teaching Day, by Professor Susan Orr.

The Teaching Scholars are:

Paul Lowe, Course director, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Communication: “This is a fantastic initiative from UAL that really recognises that teaching is central to our practice and I am delighted to be with such a great group of fellow scholars. I’m really looking forward to building on all our work and collaborating together over the next two years.”

Anne Marr, Course Leader, BA Textile Design, Central Saint Martins: “I am absolutely delighted to receive the award and thrilled to become a UAL Teaching Scholar! The award will support me to set aside some quality time with my colleagues and our students to rethink and develop new methods around student-led research analysis.”

Fred Meller, Course Leader BA, Performance Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins: “I am going to be working with ideas about how we use performance in teaching and learning in performance design and practice. It’s a collaborative social discipline and it feels very much like it’s not just me that has been awarded this, but reflects the brilliant course team and students I work with.”

Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Course Leader, BA Fashion Marketing , London College of Fashion: “This award comes 20 years since my first part-time teaching experience as an AL at LCF and I am extremely proud to be honoured by my peers and students in this way and to receive such a positive endorsement of my teaching philosophies and practice. I intend to use the Teaching Scholarship to further my work in two areas: internationalisation of the curriculum and e-learning. I plan to showcase good practice at UAL in both areas as well as encouraging colleagues to develop international collaborative projects facilitated by digital platforms.”

For more information and to apply visit the UAL Teaching Scholarships web page.

Try out the new MyArts Beta


We are replacing the existing MyArts pages with a new easy-to-navigate platform. You can try out the beta site at and give us your feedback as well as report any bugs or issues via the form on the homepage.

A much-improved communication platform

The new MyArts will provide a shared digital space that allows staff and students to keep up-to-date with what’s happening across UAL.

A more personalised view of life at UAL

The new MyArts will be a gateway to UAL and college information that staff need and you will see a different version of content and information according to whether you’re a staff member or a student and whether you’re part of a college or work for UAL Central Services. It will also provide easy access to information from other colleges and a single point of entry to systems and sites that you use every day such as Employee Self Service (iTrent) or the Agresso finance system.

A secure digital space

Everyone (staff and students) will have to log in to access the new MyArts. You can also access MyArts securely from outside the university network. The fact that the content sits behind a network login creates a secure area for sharing information safely with both staff and students, or in some cases with staff only as appropriate.

In future, MyArts will provide access to a number of applications without the need to log in again. This is known as Single Sign On and, while it won’t happen immediately when we launch the new MyArts in early 2015, it is something that we are working towards.

Your feedback matters

MyArts belongs to us all so we want to make sure it’s working for you. Get in touch via the feedback form on MyArts Beta or email to tell us what you think or ask any questions.

Try out the new MyArts Beta


We are replacing the existing MyArts pages with a new easy-to-navigate platform. You can try out the beta site at and give us your feedback as well as report any bugs via the form on the homepage.

A single point of access to information you need

The new MyArts is a single point of access to systems and sites that you use every day such as Moodle, your timetable and the library catalogue.

A student view of UAL

The new MyArts will be a gateway to all your student-focused information, displaying news and events and allowing you to access information from your own college and across the university.

Your feedback matters

MyArts belongs to us all so we want to make sure it’s working for you. Get in touch via the feedback form on MyArts Beta or email to tell us what you think or if you have questions!

Cross-UAL, trans-disciplinary team members needed for youth mental health lab

Central Saint Martins: 19 Jan 2015 17:00 – 19:00
London College of Communication: 21 Jan 2015 14:00 – 16:30

A new research lab

Nick Bell, UAL Chair of Communication Design, is recruiting UAL students to be part of a trans-disciplinary, cross-university ‘early-lab’ tasked with scoping out a new vision for the design of a local NHS youth mental health service.

Talks to introduce the lab

Nick Bell is giving talks at each of the six UAL colleges to introduce this exciting opportunity to students. The first two talk dates are already set: at CSM on Monday 19 January at 5pm in Room F204; and at LCC on Wednesday 21 January at 2pm in the Podium Lecture Theatre.

Students interested in applying to participate in the lab are invited to attend these talks.

The commission from the NHS

Thanks to Nick Bell and Fabiane Lee-Perrella, (3D Design tutor at Camberwell), the UAL has been commissioned by the Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s (NSFT) Early Intervention Service.

A trans-disciplinary team of students from across the UAL will work with a group of young mental health service users. Students will experience firsthand the context in which services are received.

What is happening and when

The lab begins with preparatory workshops in February, followed by a field trip in Norfolk at the end of the Spring Term and culminates in a public exhibition/pilot in May.

The lab team

Nick and Fabiane are looking to recruit a diverse team of students from as many disciplines as possible (not just design but media, art and performance too) and hope to have each of the six UAL colleges represented.

Begin early at the start of things

Nick Bell is calling this initiative an ‘early-lab’ “because design for social impact can only be effective if designers can begin their work much, much earlier in the process – at the start of things”. This lab offers students the opportunity to find out what it is like at the very start of things.

Link to more information

Please download How to be a designer at the start of things (PDF 259KB)  that introduces the initiative. Nick and Fabiane are accepting applications now. Come to the ‘At the Start of Things’ talk at Central Saint Martins on 19 January

Professor Nick Bell