Fashion Colloquia – London


Do you think fashion is important? If you do, then you need to attend the fashion week colloquia series…

This is the first colloquium (a place for dialogue and exchange) to be held at London College of Fashion during London Fashion Week on the 21st and 22nd September 2011.  This is the first time that a series of colloquia will have been held in tandem with the big four fashion weeks. Subsequent colloquia will take place in Milan, Paris & New York during their respective fashion weeks during 2012-13. 

Registration is now open for Presenters! Please follow this link: compid=1&modid=2&prodid=36&deptid=180&catid=7

This is an exciting opportunity to come together to explore behind the glitz and the glamour and examine the fundamentals of fashion, not least, what is the contribution and purpose of fashion in modern contemporary life?  Is it always about what is in fashion now – or does it deserve a more significant role that extends to questions about ourselves as members of society?  How much do we really know about the state of the fashion industry?  Which issues are unique to certain regions? Which are common across the globe?  These are only some of the issues we will be exploring in this colloquia series.

We are keen to encourage a broad range of contributions at each of these events, from formal presentations, round-table discussions, workshops, poster sessions and much more.    We want to capture and explore the full spectrum of the guise of knowledge for Fashion.  We also want to hear from a variety of voices, beyond our normal communities and from different individuals or groups. So whether you are an academic, student, practitioner, journalist, blogger or just interested in the subject – we really want to hear what you have to say.

For the first colloquium we will explore a number of themes – our timings purposely coincide with MENSWEAR day at the London Fashion Week.  We intend to integrate some of the events happening at London Fashion week with those occurring at the colloquium.  We aim to share, experience and understand the events using a variety of media including:  “behind the scenes” reports, interviews and live feeds from designers, buyers, and other contributors to world fashion.    Our purpose is to create a space for dialogue and exchange – where we value what we know and practice in fashion and save these to the new GLOBAL REPOSITORY FOR FASHION.  

Some of the topics suggested so far include:  ‘why London – what is its contribution?’; ‘the future for the fashion weeks?’; ‘street as catwalk’; ‘recording the moment and its relationship to the fashion industry itself’; ‘individuals and fashion – fact or fantasy?’; ‘exposure – private or public?’  etc.

We are also interested in more traditional academic topics:
• Fashion as industry (e.g. luxury/heritage branding and strategy; bespoke/craftsmanship and technology;  the science behind products; cosmetic science and nanotechnology)
• Fashion as cultural production (fashion as identity; consumption and materiality; presence and the virtual)
• Fashion as practice (fashion film and photography; blogs and bloggers)
• Fashion and its influence (anthropological origins; art deco; non-western clothing; human well-being; criminal dress; history and museum studies; fashioning epistemology and meaning-making)
• Fashion and gender (Menswear and the Female Dandy; modest and religious dress; sexuality studies; the politics of dress )
• Fashion and sustainability (sustainable design; influencing policy; people’s research council)

Please note that each of the accepted contributions will be invited to be submitted to the newly established GLOBAL REPOSITORY FOR FASHION – available from 2012 and it will be free!  

We expect this to be a busy event, so we will have no choice but to restrict numbers, so if you are interested and want to contribute to this exciting and innovative two day event – please send us a short description of approx. 500 words of your proposed contribution ****SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED****  We will then ask an international team of reviewers to consider each and reply to you as soon as we can.

To maximise the broadest participation we hope to be able to announce a limited number of colloquia bursaries and support for travel.  These will only be available to persons contributing to the Colloquium and can only be considered after the receipt of a specific application (details to follow).  Please note, only in exceptional cases will people be eligible to receive both a colloquia and travel bursary.

The Fashion Weeks Colloquia are organised by :
Domus Academy, Milan
Institut Francais de la mode, Paris
London College of Fashion, London,
Parsons School of Fashion, New York


For further information please email: