Twitter Debate-Is the High Street Dead or Alive?

Debate: Is the High Street Dead or Alive?

Date: 10 May 2011

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Location: Twitter @LCFLondon

On the 10th May 2011, LCF MA Fashion Entrepreneurship students will challenge marketing and communications agency Engine to a debate over the future of the High Street.

Engine is an independent and integrated marketing communications agency, with an impressive client base and industry reputation. Engine will argue that ‘The High Street, if not in fact in its final convulsions, is surely on the way to being dead’.

Standing on Oxford Street as many LCF students do on a daily basis, this notion just doesn’t ring true. LCF MA Fashion Entrepreneurship students will be arguing that the High Street is very much alive and well. And as entrepreneurs and students of one of the most acclaimed fashion institutions in the world, it is not enough to simply make a point – they want to make the point like Mike Tyson makes a point!

The MA Entrepreneurship students want their voices heard loud and clear and relish the opportunity to get into the fray with heavy hitters in branding, communications and marketing.

They are calling on the diversity of LCF students and indeed the entire UAL collegiate, and invite all students to follow and join the debate on Twitter.

Have your say by following the debate between 5-6pm on Twitter @LCFLondon #HSDeadorAlive.